Canadian Convoys

It’s -17°C in Anjou, Quebec. People are lining up in the cold to wait their turn to show proper documentation to enter the grocery store.

They will gain freedom only after they stop doing this kind of batty things.

8 thoughts on “Canadian Convoys

  1. In reality Clarissa_as a Canadian living in western Canada_ I can say: This convoy, has united The East and The West in Canada.

    Soooo much support from Quebec towards The Truckers Convoy. In fact, the police had apparently blocked the bridge at the border separating Quebec and ON, so the truckers (and supporters), coming from Quebec“, left their trucks parked behind, and walked..the entire bridge in frigid temperature, to join the convoy in Ottawa”.

    The picture you are showing is definitely sad. But, what about all the amazing Quebecers, showing their stand against the nonsense Covid mandates. They’ve had it way worse than the rest of Canada, but they’re awake and they are showing it. I applaud them for that, and they deserve to be recognized.


    1. Maxime Bernier’s party won zero seats in the very recent election. What prevented all these anti-mandate people from voting for the only anti-mandate candidate?

      Trudeau and pro-mandate conservatives received broad (actually, overwhelming) support at the recent election. Everything else is cute but ultimately meaningless.

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      1. Let’s remember one issue that was important last election. Even if you favoured Bernier , one’s dislike of Trudeau might prevent a person from risking the vote split! I know a lot of people who feared that outcome, had they voted for Bernier

        That was one issue. The other:
        Your opinion of Bernier, ignores the element of timing. The recent protest was caused by the latest vax mandate vis a vis truckers. If that occurred prior to the last election, your comment would make more sense.

        Also, each person has individual reasons that are complex. Attempts to pidgeonhole folks is intellectually vacant.

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  2. “gain freedom only after they stop doing this kind of batty thing”

    A couple of years ago, I’d say the proper course of action is to protest and lobby and pressure the government to change the rules… but it’s obvious now that the government is working from a new playbook they have not yet seen fit to share with the public.
    In the new model, deeply technocratic and anti-democratic in nature, the role of government is to determine the optimal policy and then implement it and if something doesn’t work it’s because the citizenry has let the model down.
    There’s no place in this model for citizen feedback. They know what policy is optimal and its for citizens to implement it and not get lippy.
    Given that, the only option is open (non-violent) resistance. The meta-message should be: You’re not listening to us, we’re not gonna listen to you.
    This means making civil servants up and down the hierarchy having to publicly stand with the technocrats or the people.
    Could get ugly…. but that’s where Canada is now…

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  3. Hello Clarissa

    Many thanks for this, a nice simple message. I imagine the following:

    Store manager to member of staff ‘Why have people stopped coming in?’

    Staff member ‘They’re all frozen to the tarmac and can’t move, sir’

    When eventually someone turns up to remove the dead queue to the morgue at least they won’t need to worry about decaying bodies.

    But as you say batty, completely batty. Are people complete idiots? Sadly too many are.

    I did a post recently for the truckers although this might not help the brain dead queue.

    Kind regards
    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

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  4. With or without proper documentation, morality of the story is do not ever go to Costco.

    What Kat says is right. I know people who complete separatists, and suddenly they express how proud they are of being Canadian. This, trust me, was quite a surprise.


  5. Canada has just gone full retard during this pandemic.

    On a very big plus side, Massachusetts is now actively encouraging universities to go back to normal. Stop with remote learning, overtly restrictive masking, etc. This is very very good news:

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