Teacher Twitter

This is quite stunning because these are teachers with the mildest, most mainstream positions anybody could imagine. And not that many followers.

The only explanation I have is that they were banned for not being raging lunatics. I always read @GoingGodward for her calm, sweet, non-polemic “peace, love, bubble gum” takes.

The teacher Twitter is being culled down very aggressively. More aggressively than most other fields. It’s quite disturbing.

If you are a teacher who tweets about the wonderfulness of sexualizing 5-year-olds, you are never banned. But if you tweet about helping at-risk kids succeed and school (like Going Godward did), you are gone. Apparently, the only acceptable kind of teacher anymore is a mentally ill, child-hating Maoist.

5 thoughts on “Teacher Twitter

  1. Sounds like the social networks of people who could oppose something that government is about to do have been mapped out, with important nodes being taken out so as to make the whole network ineffective.

    The equivalent would be, say, the pandemic breaking out in early 2020 and banning the accounts of various virologists, journalists, and priests who have never really spoken to each other but were the only link between millions of Christians in the mid-West and credentialed virologists and interviewers with the both the right understanding of virology but who were trusted by the priests in between them and the enormous network of churches.

    If you know how the information flows, removing people at the bottleneck stops most information moving, or at least slows it down a lot.


      1. Yep. Social media, search engines that spy on you like Google, databases compiled by political parties, data points collected by online retailers, professional networking sites like Linked In etc. Everything can be used, including illegally collected data through compromised apps or smart devices in your home.

        In my experience and according to my knowledge, so much data has been collected even by nations like China that their biggest problem is that they don’t know how to use that much data efficiently – although this applies a bit more to blackmail and coercion.


        1. I’ve heard that more data is being collected than can be stored for more than a few months. If data isn’t flagged as relevant it can be lost because it gets overwritten by new data.


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