Duping the Opposition

These are troops stationed in Western Ukraine, half a continent away from the Russian border. They are at absolutely no risk of anything. Especially since nothing is happening.

The Biden administration is doing absolutely everything to manufacture a conflict. This is immoral and criminal. But Biden is getting a pass because the opposition has swallowed the lie that Biden supports Ukraine.

It’s so easy to dupe this kind of knee-jerk, overly emotional opposition.

14 thoughts on “Duping the Opposition

    1. Bastards. I compare today’s news coverage in the US, Ukraine, and Russia, and the only news coverage that’s all war, war, war is the US. It’s weird and kind of appalling. The social media in both Ukraine and Russia are filled with people begging Americans to cool it and stop war-mongering.


      1. I read an article earlier about protests in a few dozen US towns and cities calling for no war with Russia and for NATO to be disbanded. It’s encouraging to see regular people figuring it all out and participating early.

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  1. “… the only news coverage that’s all war, war, war is the US. It’s weird and kind of appalling.”

    The same people who harvested 81 million votes for Biden at 4 AM on Nov. 4, 2020, and who are working to make Covid-19 mRNA vaccination absolutely mandatory for everybody from infants onward, are also the people in charge of most “news” media in the United States, including that media’s propaganda about Ukraine. The indecency and honestly are equally appalling for every aspect of their behavior.

    No American I personally know, whether they’re “alt-right” or not, wants the U.S. to fight a war in Ukraine. Only Biden’s handlers want that, for reasons that are unknown but cynically easy to guess.

    I don’t know how all of this will end. I do suspect that that this will end, and possibly very badly.

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    1. No Ukrainian wants it either, believe me. The idea doesn’t even occur. You are right, these are dishonest, horrible people that we have in charge.

      Did you hear about Biden’s science advisor who owned stock in BioNTech? This is third-world corruption. And these people dare to lecture the rest of the world on how to fight corruption. This makes me very angry.

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  2. I am sorry to bring this up, but, do you still attribute this to something as banal as bribery or blackmail of Biden?

    The US engages in clumsy propaganda and dramatic gestures, in support of its geopolitical goals, and has done so for a very long time.

    I would be happier if the US had a much less interventionist and missionary geopolitical stance, but that’s not how things are. For the foreseeable future, the nature of US political culture (and also satellites like Canada and Australia) will be to promote, with varying degrees of aggressiveness, western-style democracy wherever they can.

    That may potentially be good for Ukrainians who want to look west, but it has also turned the struggle between Russia and Ukraine, into a crisis between Russia and America. Ukraine is now a front in the generation-long struggle to defend and spread democracy worldwide, and that means the whole machinery of propaganda, provocation, and militarism is in play, on the western side as well as the eastern side.

    Maybe there is this consolation: I am sure that Biden is actually closer to your views on what America’s Ukraine policy should be, than I am – or more consequentially (since I am not even American), all those Americans who want an end to foreign intervention. Those people would happily end NATO and allow Russia and China spheres of influence. Biden, on the other hand, does actually believe in getting involved in Ukraine, via money, armament, and propaganda, if not by actually sending troops. So all you have to do, is persuade his people, to have a policy more like Trump’s, than what he is doing now.

    P.S. I do regret taking an antagonistic stance on this topic, when thousands of Ukrainians already died in the war. At the very least I could just keep quiet – except that I do deplore the western geopolitical policy, as powerless as I am to change it. And so I am wondering if I can see my way to the least destructive path forward.


    1. OK, but which geopolitical interests of the US specifically does it serve? There’s got to be something we are not seeing. For example, the US war in Afghanistan was about preventing a nuclear confrontation between Pakistan and India. A very low-cost way to keep a difficult region from going batshit crazy at each other. Whether we support it or not, it’s a clear, meaningful goal.

      All of this talk about promoting democracy is just silly talking points. Let’s move beyond that. There’s always a real reason behind this kind of thing. Nobody really believes that the US has a problem with the lack of democracy in Russia. It has no problem with lack of democracy in France and Canada. Why would it care about anywhere else?

      There’s something else going on, and I’ve seen no interesting analysis anywhere of what it might be.

      Democracy died together with the nation-state. Let’s bury the corpse and move on.


      1. Unlike most countries, the post-cold-war United States considers that the entire world is its to govern. That’s probably the more fundamental fact, rather than any particular policy. The picture may be clouded by the fact that American allies are encouraged to express opinions and take actions regarding the rest of the world too, but in the end it’s America that’s in charge.

        As for what’s at stake in Ukraine, as far as American strategists are concerned, I think that part of it is the idea that nations should not have spheres of influence. Russia and China in particular must stay inside their own borders, and let their neighbors make their own sovereign choices. But the flip side of this is that the whole world becomes America’s sphere of influence. If you have the wrong political system, pro-western activists will be supported in their attempts to change the system; if you have an alright political system, but you’re voting for the wrong people (today that mostly means “far right extremists”), then again, your country will be pressured until it votes for the right people. Ukraine in NATO is therefore not just a country removed from the Russian sphere of influence, but also a tool with which to subvert and challenge Russia itself.

        That’s the very big picture as I conceive it. Regarding the recent warnings of war coming from American officials, I am less clear. We know that Russia made its recent security demands that Ukraine never join NATO, that NATO forces pull back or something, etc., saying that “military-technical” measures would follow if there is no written treaty. Western talk of war is a way to deflect attention from that… One also supposes that Russia is unlikely to do anything during the Winter Olympics, so talking up an invasion which never happens, is a way to say that the invasion in question was prevented by western steadfastness.

        There does remain the question of what all those Russian forces around Ukraine, are there for. I originally thought they might be to prevent the Ukrainian army from recapturing the east. Lately I wondered if it’s a contingency invasion force, just in case Ukraine and NATO suddenly announce a deal. I think some of the world’s big military exercises are actually contingency deployments, meant to prevent something from happening by having forces in the area. And Zelensky has been shutting down what’s left of the “pro-Russian” political and media forces in Ukraine, I think? (I mean Medvedchuk’s party and TV stations.)

        But I don’t know much about these kinds of detail, so I really am guessing here.


    1. I think this is highly likely. The midterms are approaching and this administration has literally zero successes. I tried asking Biden supporters I know what they like about the administration. Very non-confrontationally, completely in good faith. I got two answers:

      He’s not Trump.
      He takes COVID seriously.

      The economy – nothing. Foreign policy – nothing. You can’t run on not being Trump in a midterm where Trump isn’t on the ballot and when you’ve got more COVID deaths than Trump. Are they trying to manufacture a conflict and pretend to solve it to run on that? It’s moronic and extremely desperate but it’s possible.

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      1. I don’t think it’s the covid deaths. I think it’s the vax deaths. You can only sit on that kind of data for so long. There are too many organizations collecting it.


        1. The funny thing is that I knew all this at least since February of 2017. And I was still a Hillary supporter then. It’s not new. It’s fascinating how easy it turned out to keep something this scandalous from the general public even with the internet.

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