My kid is so different from me. She’s thoughtful and caring. One of the girls at today’s playdate is new to the group. I never gave it a second thought but Klara did and devised a strategy to introduce the new girl and make her part of the group. The strategy worked and the girl integrated beautifully.

Curiously, my analyst predicted she was going to be this way when she was a few weeks old. I thought he was sayng it to be kind to me but he was spot on. He also predicted when she was an infant that she’d draw and paint. Nobody else in the family ever had any interest in drawing. How he knew is a mystery. He never said she’d be into group sports, for instance, which is another thing nobody in the family does. Or that she’d sing or love music or sculpt. Out of all the things that we don’t do he picked drawing and it turned out to be true.

Social sciences are absolutely falsifiable, although many people don’t believe it.

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