Closed Border

I really love the narrative of how “the truckers shut down the US-Canada border.”

No, you lying bastards. The truckers didn’t do it. The border has been closed for two years. I haven’t been back to Canada in two years because the border is closed to me, a citizen. Last summer, my sister, who got “fully vaccinated” only to be able to travel in peace, spent weeks unable to cross that border back into the country of which she’s a citizen. Citizens can’t freely travel within Canada, either. Even the “fully vaccinated.” Traveling from Quebec to Nova Scotia in August, for example, required filling out a bunch of complicated and constantly changing forms. Again, this was back in August. It wasn’t the truckers doing that.

For two years people haven’t been able freely to move within, out of or into the country of their citizenship. This is utterly egregious. And it wasn’t caused by truckers.

8 thoughts on “Closed Border

  1. My heart is with those truckers. I pray for them every day multiple times a day. They are on the front lines of the war for freedom from tyrannical government. I wish everyone could join them. I am definitely standing in solidarity.

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    1. Likewise. Thank you Margaret for your support. We have a lot of American brothers and sisters supporting us. We truly appreciate it. We love you and support you baby, American Patriots. We are united.

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  2. Despite hard times, some news do cause a smile in the most unlikely places:

    «Коммерсантъ» передаёт занятный диалог между министром иностранных дел России Лавровым и его коллегой из Великобритании Лиз Трасс. Дипломаты спорили, конечно, об Украине. И тут Лавров вроде как уточнил:
    «Вы же признаёте суверенитет России над Ростовской и Воронежской областями?»
    «Великобритания никогда не признает суверенитета России над этими регионами», – заявила Трасс”.

    И одновременно вчера уже Путину пришлось оправдываться на весь мир (что он обычно никогда не делает, но тут, видимо, деваться было уже некуда) – за свою КРАЙНЕ стремную фразу насчет “Нравится, не нравится, терпи, моя красавица”. В мире все ее поняли однозначно – как “шутку про изнасилование”. Наши в агитпропе (им тоже надо отдать должное) попытались “спасти ситуацию”, запустив разъяснительную кампанию, что речь у Путина шла вовсе ни о каком не изнасиловании, а “всего лишь” о некрофилии (в прямом медицинском смысле слова – склонности к совершению половых актов с трупами). В подтверждение приводили даже какую-то “книжку народных частушек” 20-х годов, которую Путин якобы и цитировал.

    Ну а кампания “разъяснений” вообще ничем не объяснима – кроме того, что оппозиция-таки пробралась в Кремль и нашла наконец способ подставить нашего предводителя команчей по полной. И ей это удалось.


  3. Clarissa, again, this is not fully true!!!

    No idea why you’re doing this. I like you and I admire you, but MAN!!! You better get the facts straight!

    No. We have family travelling back and forth from Ontario to Alberta, constantly. No issues.

    Please, for the love of God, get the facts straight. You, I and a bunch of us, are on the same page! But, we you say things that are incorrect, I have to say something.

    With love


    1. Clarissa,
      I need to apologize for my tone in my previous comment. It’s been a very emotional day. We have so much happening in our country (Canada). However, that does not warrant a hostile tone. I know you and your readers, do know the truth.

      We are expecting Trudeau to hoof it to Cuba any moment. We are anxious. We barely sleep. We know how critical this moment is in the history of our country.

      The situation in Ottawa, and The Coots border with Montana, for example, is completely different from the situation at the Windsor Bridge border. So many stories abt what is really happening. But truckers and their supporters (a lot of people), are holding the line. The government (Federal, ad well as municipal), knows very well by now: there’s no stopping this. They know, we are not going to take it anymore.

      Again, I apologize for the tone.

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      1. There’s no reason to apologize! I’m so happy that Canadians have woken up from this totalitarian slumber. Only a month ago, Canada was the joke of the world. Now it’s the pride of the whole planet. Let’s stand strong against tyranny and we’ll win.


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