Have We Won?

Klara’s school is going mask-optional starting tomorrow. The county health department finally desisted from its plan to shut down every classroom that defied the governor’s endless mandates.

I don’t fully recognize this feeling – have we won? Is this finally over? I feel numb because it seemed at times that this would never end.

If you are not a parent of a small child in a blue state, you won’t understand. What we had to do to give our children a semblance of a normal childhood when every authority conspired to punish us nobody will understand who hasn’t been in it with us.

Two years. When the shock passes, I’ll probably cry for an hour.

3 thoughts on “Have We Won?

  1. I don’t know if “won” is the right word, but we definitely are going back to normal very soon. Where I live many people are not wearing masks anymore, malls are packed, and people are going about more or less normally.

    Politically, these mandates are a losing strategy. Only a small percentage of hysterics still want them.

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