The Mystery of May 2020

In the entire twenty-first century, there wasn’t a single month in the US when the number of black homicide victims would be over 1,000. Then, in May of 2020, that changed. Every remaining month of 2020 saw more than 1,000 black victims. In July of 2020, the number spiked to over 1,400. That’s twice what it was just a few months before in February 2020. I don’t think anybody would disagree that this is a dramatic and scary change. And it’s not a fluke but a trend that continued unabated.

Of course, there’s absolutely no explanation what could have caused this horrible spike starting in May 2020. This mystery will remain unsolved.

12 thoughts on “The Mystery of May 2020

  1. Well, that and I guess the weather was nice. One year we had a very bad rainy fall. It was raining pretty much every day. The crime numbers in Trenton fell significantly. No equity measures needed, no woke interventions. Just God’s actions.

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    1. We had a year back home when it rained every day from January 1 to some time in May. Every day. The suicide rate in our county went up dramatically. Weather does matter, to some things.


    1. Said it before, I’ll say it again… Black Lives don’t matter much to Black Lives Matter. For BLM (and many democrats and many members of the press) housands of dead black people were a small price to pay to put Joe Biden in office….

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    2. Today I went to my weekly COVID test that all unvaccinated on campus have to undergo. I’m usually the only white person there. Everybody else is African American. Black people only matter when it’s convenient. Here we have a policy that excludes predominantly black students, and nobody cares.

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        1. I can’t and you know why? Nobody believes me. The statistics on vaccination rates by racial group do nothing. Neither do the statistics of vaccination by educational group. These numbers don’t confirm what people heard on TV, so they refuse to see them.

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