Sensitive Censors

An absolutely shocking article about “sensitivity readers” – or simply put, censors – who do a Soviet-style culling of English-language books.

Reading the article almost immediately after I finished Chirbes’s diaries is a disturbing experience. There’s not a single word in the diaries that these censors would allow. Thankfully, Chirbes will never hear about “sensitivity readers” because he died before English speakers managed to export this Soviet throwback everywhere else.


3 thoughts on “Sensitive Censors

  1. Kate Clanchy wrote: “I am enjoined not to (…) state that homosexuality has historically been taboo in Nepal, as homophobia comes from colonialism.”

    Those “sensitivity readers” are extraordinarily ignorant, partisan, and dishonest. They probably don’t they know that Iran, where homosexuals are hanged, has never been colonized. Besides, don’t they know what the Bible, the Coran and the Sharia say about homosexuality?


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