We Are Unsafe

That’s exactly what I was talking about yesterday. The next stage in the battle to ‘keep us safe’ from life will be tying us to our beds and feeding us through tubes. It’s a short distance from there to realize that the only thing that would keep us securely and clearly safe for ever and ever is if we didn’t live at all.

This is all, of course, a projection. The people who are ‘trying to keep us safe’ perceive us as a source of danger to them. They have a massive agenda, and we are endangering it with our endless whining about our rights, our needs, our children, our faces, our bodies.

4 thoughts on “We Are Unsafe

  1. Safety and security benefits governments and corporations at our expense. Those institutions are not expected to modify their behaviour and be safe

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  2. In the end, the problem is that the governments are too big, which means that they have enough staff or collect enough tax to implement all of this stuff.

    If the size of government were reduced then sure, public services wouldn’t look so shiny, but none of this would be possible.

    To illustrate, compare China’s 200 million civil servants implementing something versus, say, the (broke) Bulgarian government (aka mafia) trying to force the same thing on their citizens/maniacs.


  3. The winds there were around 100mph. Keeping parks open would be a liability at that point—someone gets injured at a park and the next thing you know they’re trying to push a lawsuit saying they didn’t know not to be in parks when winds are over 100mph.


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