Don’t Care in Silence

I really wish people stopped repeating that they don’t care about Ukraine. It’s perfectly fine not to care but talking about it like a parrot on crack isn’t producing the desired impression of not caring. I don’t care about many things. Bobsleigh, the Olympics, Hong Kong (no offense, it’s just not my thing), Bitcoin, Rihanna, the list is endless. And guess what? I haven’t been cross-pollinating every social medium in sight to make sure everybody knows that I don’t care. Because the more you repeat that you don’t care, the more it looks like you do.

It’s absolutely unnecessary to insert yourself into every conversation. If something is trending that’s not up your alley, go do something else. It’s very easy to mute topics on social media and concentrate on stuff you do care about.

The same goes for Canadian trucker protests. I’m tired of people posting long screeds starting with “why am I supposed to care?” Avoid passive voice and ask yourself: who’s doing the supposing? Nobody cares what you do or don’t care about. This is a topic that is very important to many people. If you aren’t one of them, fine. Go talk about bobsleigh, Bitcoin and Hong Kong. I promise not to hunt you down to inform you that I don’t care.

8 thoughts on “Don’t Care in Silence

  1. Related: There’s this weird trend on Twitter (perhaps other social media, too, but I am only on Twitter), where people protest because something shows up on their timeline. As in, why are people posting Wordle results? It’s so annoying! Well, if it’s annoying, then mute it the word. Or people. You don’t get to control what other people post. Leave people to enjoy their word games and shit. Not everything is meant for you.

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    1. Yeah, this is a good development.

      I’m honestly not too angry at Germany for being so complacent; they just don’t want another war in Europe and that’s understandable. However, the time of complacency is now over and it’s heartening to see them to finally starting to come to their senses.

      Today is Ukraine, tomorrow will be Poland and the Baltics. We’re back to the Soviet Union and Cold War days. The only reasonable approach in my mind is to treat Russia the same way we treated the Soviet Union.


  2. I don’t care about Wordle. LoL. But I do care about Ukraine because there are people there who are terrified and having to deal with the reality of war. Anyone who says they don’t care is heartless–in my humble opinion. Obviously, the people in America have become utterly self-absorbed and callous about what is happening outside their personal sphere.

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  3. Anybody with money in the stock market cares about Ukraine, because war jitters always rattle the DOW and interrupt a bull market’s upward progression.

    I remember an identical market stall for several months back in 2003 when George W. Bush couldn’t make up his mind whether to go to war with Saddam Hussein.


    1. “Let me add to “war jitters always rattle the DOW…”

      Lest any readers believe that my concern with the situation in Ukraine is only for financial reasons, let me state that I concur totally with Margaret W. that the reality of a shooting war is horrible for any people to have to go through, especially civilian innocents under siege in their homeland by a vicious tyrant interested in conquest at any cost in blood and destruction,

      It literally makes me sick that somehow well into the 21st Century, when all of this barbarism was supposed to have been left far behind us in the middle of the last century with the end of World War II, the creation of the U.N., the formation of the EU, etc., etc. — somehow a single, insignificant little megalomaniac like Putin can still decide to use brute force to violently destroy an independent country — and somehow the ENTIRE CIVILIZED WORLD can’t find a means to prevent that unless it chooses to go to war itself.

      So the new 21st Century world, for all it’s current civilized self-righteousness, is still the old world yet!

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      1. Thank you for this comment. It’s good to hear something smart on the subject in the midst of relentless idiocy coming from both sides of the political spectrum.

        And you are absolutely right that Putin is an insignificant, stupid little twerp yet nobody can do anything to contain him. Twenty years of this. Come on.

        This is a terrible situation that didn’t have to happen.


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