How to Embarrass Canada

Turns out there’s Olympics going on. Like anybody cares, right? In any case, apparently a Canadian figure skater performed poorly and now everybody is saying that he “embarrassed Canada.” I find this irresistibly funny because of all the things that make Canada an international embarrassment, some poor skater having a bad day ranks extremely low on the list. People who are posting on social media about the “embarrassing athlete” need to be reassured that nobody noticed.

“Our national pride and good name. . .”

Oh, honey.

3 thoughts on “How to Embarrass Canada

  1. The thing that nobody seems to get is that this is the Olympics. Competition to get onto the team in the first place is huge. These are the best athletes in their field. So a bad day at the Olympics is still something to be proud of. Sure it’s disappointing, but even just being on that playing field is more than most people in the sport will ever do.

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