More on Religious War

The #1 target is the Jewish president of Ukraine. Still no sanctions on Russia from the West.

6 thoughts on “More on Religious War

  1. I heard a telephone interview on the radio with a Ukrainian member of parliament yesterday. I don’t remember her name, but she had sent her family to stay with friends close to the Polish border and she had moved to stay at a friend’s house in Kyiv because she believed she would be on the list of people to be killed if the Russians took the city. I can only hope that everyone on the lists are aware and setting up hiding spots for themselves and their families. It is tragedy in the making and absolutely shameful that the west was not prepared to act faster. Whatever intelligence the Biden administration had weeks ago was clearly right and I assume they would have shared that in greater and more convincing detail with NATO allies given how public they were being about it.


  2. // “To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal.”

    Judging by blogs I read, fellow Russian-speaking Israeli Jews reached the same conclusion as we follow the Ukrainian situation.

    I expected US not to help even now and was pleasantly surprised to read:

    “Zelensky says weapons en route to Ukraine after Macron call. Ukraine’s President said that “the anti-war coalition is working!””

    However, the extent of those weapons is yet to be seen. The 24.02.2022 article I found (link below) makes it sound that EU is still afraid of rising tensions with Russia. Beloved by Rod Viktor Orbán refused to help at all, while “Finland and Lithuania seemed more open to strengthening Ukraine’s military power” (how?).

    “Washington, for its part, has also sent at least two shipments of military aid, including weapons and ammunition to Ukraine.”

    Has the situation significantly changed since then?


    1. Orban is planning to participate in the partition of Ukraine with Russia. Putin promised him some of the land in Western Ukraine. So of course, he’s not helping.

      Finland and the Baltics have been great but they have reason to know a lot about Russian invasions. Turkey has been great. Not just the government but the people of Turkey are very supportive, donating money, etc.

      But the reality is that Ukraine always was and always will be completely alone in this. The world still doesn’t understand what it’s dealing with here.


  3. And immediately saw this. Sounds great, doesn’t it?


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