Religious War

Russia has a military force of 70,000 Chechens ready to be unleashed on Ukraine. This is when it’s going to turn into a religious war with tens of thousands Islamic fanatics being let loose on the cradle of Slavic Orthodox Christianity.

13 thoughts on “Religious War

  1. Well, then conservative Christian American politicians should immediately start calling for the US to do everything possible to help process Ukrainian refugees streaming into the neighboring countries, and start flying them in here.

    These are literally the poster children for everything these politicians claim to believe in. They’re from a Christian country, white (I mean with the same cultural values), and believe in democracy.

    Don’t you think that this is what should happen if words have any meaning?


    1. Well, so many conservative Americans have spent years arguing that Putin is a big defender of Orthodox Christianity. I can’t imagine them walking away from this favorite talking point. The percentage of people capable of changing their mind once presented with evidence that contradicts their beliefs is minuscule. Especially when you have your personal brand invested in a narrative.

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      1. You’re explaining the how. You’re saying that Christians, in general, are people with biases just like the rest of us human animals. That is kind of exactly my point. They are not better.

        I moved from an atheist USSR to a more religious North America. My father’s mother was very religious. I had this stereotype of religious people being truly more kind than others. I knew religion in the USSR was repressed. I knew priests generally stood against the totalitarian government. I thought of Christians exactly the way they typically think of themselves here.

        Living among Christians in North America disabused me of those delusions. And by that I don’t mean at all that Christians are worse or more hypocritical than other people.

        I completely agree with you that the “percentage of people capable of changing their mind once presented with evidence that contradicts their beliefs is minuscule”.

        I’ve basically said the same thing in my comments, phrased in a slightly different way. I’ve said several times in my comments that psychologically, we make our decisions on an emotional basis and then use our intellect to justify it. When presented with evidence opposing their views, people tend to dig in.

        For what it’s worth, I’ve changed my mind about the US drilling for oil, etc. domestically over the past 48 hours. But basically, I just think we’re even more fucked than I previously thought we were.


        1. It would be a weird Christian, indeed, who considered themselves as being better than anybody. When we pray, we ask God to “forgive the sinners of whom I am first.” There are definitely no perfect people in the church.


          1. There are many Christians who are exactly like that and are indeed humble. But psychologically, for the others, this works in the same way as the BLM virtue signaling and self-blaming and white guilt. They don’t consciously think of themselves as better. They sincerely believe that they’re sinners. But on a subconscious level, they receive the validation of feeling they’re better than others because they are the most vocal about how much in need of God’s forgiveness they are.

            Do you know what I mean? In any case, I’m done with this dead horse.

            I’ve learned that my cousin’s sons (in their late 20’s) who live in Kyiv have been dragged out to the countryside by their wives with some psychological manipulation of needing them there to keep the wives safe. And my heart is breaking for all the heroes who are fighting and dying, but I can’t help but be happy my relatives are less likely to be among them.


  2. This is concerning. Chechens are brutal.

    However, it would be absolutely amazing if Putin managed to turn them into Russian pawns. They were/are sworn enemies of Russia, from what I understood.


      1. I don’t blame people for not knowing. This was always considered a local issue and got no coverage. But yes, Kadyrov is Putin’s best friend. They are soulmates. Says Kadyrov, not I.


    1. Oh no. That’s all in the past. Chechnya is the only region of the Russian Federation that votes 100% for Putin. They are doggedly loyal to Putin because after 1999 he allowed them to live in an Islamist paradise. Russia pays enormous ransom to Chechnya every year (like vassal duties). Chechens are allowed to practice forced marriages if children, religious persecution of the unfaithful, the whole shebang.

      This is yet another thing that Russian nationalists couldn’t forgive Putin. The idea of Russia paying vassal duties to Chechnya broke their brains.

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        1. That was the agreement to keep Chechnya loyal. They get paid, do what they want, all Russian laws are suspended in favor of the sharia law. And nobody needs to work much because the money keeps rolling in.

          I used to have all the numbers a few years ago but haven’t kept them. It’s quite literally ransom money. So the Chechens love the arrangement because what’s not to like? They got everything. The Chechen mafia in Moscow is extremely strong. And guess one of the main things it specializes in for money laundering. Gay clubs. You just can’t make it up.


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