Help from Germany

Germany delivered 1000 anti-tank weapons and 500 FIM-92 Stingers to Ukraine. Eternally grateful for the help.

Poland and the Baltics have been amazing throughout. Even Turkey is coming through.

I’m looking at you, Israel. Have some shame.

3 thoughts on “Help from Germany

  1. Israel sent 100 tons of aid in one day, which included “17 tons of medical equipment and medicines, including antibiotics, dressings for wounds, hospital supplies and more.”

    Private Israeli citizens also want to help, and not only those with ties to FSU:

    “Israeli hands out food to Kyiv residents amid dwindling supplies
    Businessman Ofer Krezner collected $ 1 million donations from the Israeli business community and others to provide for the city’s elderly, infirmed or otherwise in need as Russian forces close on the Ukraine’s capital”

    In addition, “At Zelensky’s request, Bennett raised the possibility of mediation between Ukraine and Russia in Jerusalem during his conversation with Putin. The Russian president did not reject the offer, but said he was working on talks in Belarus.”

    Btw, Bennett is criticized at home for agreeing to mediate. People say nothing good for anyone would come out of it, and only bad things for Israel.

    It is true that Israel is unlikely to share its weapons: “NATO based its anti-tank arsenal almost exclusively on Israel’s Spike missile technology but without Jerusalem’s consent, the weapon system is unlikely to end up in Kyiv’s hands”

    We are worried of Russian reaction in Syria if we do that. In addition, Israel is most interested in not losing access to Jewish communities in BOTH Russia and Ukraine. If Jews start immigrating in large numbers, which has already began since the day of invasion, Israel wants to be able to help them reach us safely.

    The worse things become in Russia, the more important helping Russian Jews leave becomes. Look at Iranian ultra-small Jewish community which is held in captivity, unable to leave the country as a family. Many Iranian Jewish men run away, leaving their wives (as agunot, w/o possibility to divorce) and children behind.


      1. Re the Iron Dome, I do not think it’s possible to use it right now to protect Ukrainian citizens, even if Israel were burning with desire to do so. Israel itself has only 10 units and cannot protect all its communities at once. Look:

        “On 8 August 2011, the Israeli High Court of Justice rejected a petition asking that the government be ordered to deploy the system in Gaza border communities. …
        In its petition, the Eshkol Regional Council argued that the government should be ordered to deploy the Iron Dome to protect communities between 4.5 and 7 kilometers from Gaza from rocket fire. Government-funded rocket-roof protection is in place for homes in communities within 4.5 km of Gaza, but not for structures further from the border.
        The state said that the High Court should not intervene in the “military decision” regarding how and where to deploy the anti-rocket system. It also argued that if the court were to order it to deploy Iron Dome in a specific area, budgetary limitations would result in other communities not receiving protection, particularly as the range of Palestinian rockets had grown in recent years and therefore it was not possible to deploy Iron Dome to protect every community.”


        “Some Iron Dome systems have been exported. A weakness for most potential markets is that each Iron Dome system protects no more than 100–150 square kilometres (39–58 square miles); this is effective in a small country like Israel, but not for larger states.”


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