Failure to Notice

Thousands of people were supposed to be evacuated through a green corridor. There was supposed to be a ceasefire. Once the civilians started crossing over, Russians intensified the shelling of the green corridor. Evacuation didn’t happen.

This is exactly how it was in 2014. If the world noticed back then, we wouldn’t be here right now.

4 thoughts on “Failure to Notice

  1. Do you mean in the Donbass? If I remember correctly, Ukrainian-spealing Ukrainians shelled Russian-speaking Ukrainians for eight years in the Donbass. What is your take on this?


    1. First of all, Ukrainian-speaking Ukrainians and Russian-speaking Ukrainians don’t exist. The very concept is meaningless. We are all bilingual and switch between the languages without noticing.

      My family is from the Donbass and my relatives are there right now. What happened in 2014 is exactly what’s happening now. Russians invaded. They failed to conquer everything they wanted. But they did manage to conquer Donetsk and Lugansk. Inflicted enormous destruction. Razed much of the area to the ground. Then installed a regime composed out of criminals who engaged in robbery, mass rape, rape of children, kidnappings, torture. This wasn’t a puppet regime because it consisted of Russian citizens.


  2. I’ll try to be brief.

    In short, I think it was necessary for things to get this bad in order for the rest of the world to unite and intervene to the degree they have now. Russia has conducted brutal wars starting with Chechnya – an internal republic, and then Georgia – a sovereign state. One could say that had the world tried to stop Putin back in Georgia, he wouldn’t have attacked Ukraine.

    The bloodless takeover of Crime hasn’t helped. There was way more focus on that in the media than on the details of what Russia did in Eastern Ukraine.

    I also think that it took the extraordinary and unexpected bravery demonstrated by the Ukrainians and their president to get the level of support they’re getting from the US and Europe.

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    1. I agree. Initially it was just going to be a big, “Well, CRAP Putin was serious about invading, but oh well (shoulder shrug), that’s that.”


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