Enormous Successes

I rarely mention Putin in my posts on the war because I think he’s utterly unimportant and quite coincidental to what’s happening. But this is funny, and it’s good to have some comic relief among the barrage of bad news.

Putin spoke on the subject of the Western economic sanctions on Russia. “Well, so what that there are sanctions?” he said. “The USSR was always under sanctions, yet it achieved enormous successes.”

Russian people now have an opportunity to experience some of the most notable of those successes, such as empty shelves and zinc coffins.

One thought on “Enormous Successes

  1. Yes, I saw that. I think he is just doing the strategy of giving a straight face, so as not to show any concern or fear. As for the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union was not completely closed off from the West. It imported wheat from the West I believe and various technologies that it couldn’t produce by itself. One ironic example was the Soviet competitor to the Concorde airplane.the Tupolev Tu-144. The purpose of the plane was to demonstrate the superiority of Soviet technology and science over that of the West, but in order to build it, the Soviet Union had to ask the West for a bunch of help, up to in 1978 requesting a whole bunch of Concorde technologies )the West said no).

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