This is an asylum for severely mentally disabled people in Kharkiv:

For now, it looks like the heroic doctors and nurses had managed to get all 330 patients into a bomb shelter before the Russians hit the building. From what I’ve been able to find, everybody survived. Which is great.

But imagine what this must feel like for the mentally disabled patients. Where are they going to go now? These are not people who can get transported easily. And wherever they go, who’s to say that place won’t get bombed tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Asylum

      1. “moving between groveling and pouting. That’s their entire emotional range”

        One of the things that strikes me more and more is just how… infantile the Russian government is at the state level: Constantly testing the boundaries and pouting and crying when caught out and breaking things for the sake of breaking things and then lying about it and blaming everyone else for their own problems…

        It’s like a culture made up of cranky four year olds some of which have sub-machine guns…

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  1. It was the outcome of dilettantism on the Russian part since they had a 2-month warning that the “mother of all sanctions” is coming.
    But how big is that loss in relative terms? It is equal to almost 1/3 of Russia’s annual GDP.

    More interestingly, it is about equal to US annual defense budget. So, probably in the first time in history one side has decided to cover the defense budget of the other side with which it is likely to go into a conflict, and perhaps even war.

    Normally this happens after the war, when one side had lost and has to pay reparation. But Putin, the great strategist, has decided to do it differently: to pay money upfront.

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    1. These are extraordinarily stupid people. You know why they bombed the old, unused airport in Lutsk last night? Ukrainians bombed the military airfield and destroyed many Russian airplanes that were preparing for the nightly bombing of Ukrainian cities. Russians decided to retaliate and bomb Ukrainian airplanes before they took off the ground. But their intel is faulty, so they bombed an airport that hasn’t been used since the 1990s.

      Ukraine gets its intel from the Americans, and Russia gets its from Belarus. And this is the result.

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