Russians are bombing Lutsk at this moment. Please see where Lutsk is on the map:

Hint: move your eyes closer to Poland.

7 thoughts on “Lutsk

  1. It’s a very calculated message to Poland and the other bordering countries, I think. Especially since that airport has been unused so long. It’s such a symbolic target.

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      1. It’s especially telling that they didn’t bother targeting Lviv, where there are a lot of refugees crossing or trying to cross. It’s very directly a threat, and to be honest from this far away it looks very much like a declaration of intent. Which is fucking terrifying because if world war does break out someone can point to the bombing of an abandoned airport and say “this heralded the war that followed.”

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        1. Given their performance so far, I really do not think the Russians are in any position whatsoever to try pushing into Poland. If their forces cannot handle Ukraine’s little military, they will be absolutely destroyed by American and overall NATO forces. The Russians do not have the logistics to really project power it seems, or to even carry out any kind of complex operations. It has been known that their military is more defense-oriented, not very optimized for power projection, but it was thought they at least had the ability to overrun a country like Ukraine. However that has turned out to be false thus far. Their air force should have knocked out Ukraine’s air force, command-and-control, and air defense systems in the immediate hours of the operation, or at least once it became clear that the invasion wasn’t going well, and yet it has failed to do so. That is stunning. What that means is the Russians don’t seem to have the logistical capability to keep more than a small number of aircraft flying at any one time.

          I think Putin is just doing everything he can to not show any weakness/concern/fear.


  2. “bombing Lutsk”

    Just yesterday a colleague contacted a mutual acquaintance (sort of former colleague) in Lutsk to tell her she could stay with her if she needed to come to Poland. She doesn’t want to leave becasue she has a very old mother who probably can’t travel…

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  3. Dear Clarissa, I haven’t commented so far as I don’t think it necessary to add to the anguish. My family on my mother’s side are Polish Jews from Lutsk (when it was still part of Poland).
    I was baptised last year in a Russian Orthodox parish under the Moscow Patriarchate where the vast majority of parishioners are either Moldovans or Russian-speaking Ukrainians. The situation is very tense and the only positive I can see coming out of this tragedy is the immense effort at organising relief support to send to our brethren in Ukraine which is taking place daily.

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