Democrats and Ukraine

In 2014 when Russia invaded Ukraine, the NYTimes and the NPR were saying exactly what Tucker Carlson says today. There is no war, Russia never invaded, and if it did, it was completely justified because Ukrainians are Nazis sponsored by the CIA and the Pentagon. I’m not even upset to hear it today. I’m amused because I already heard all this.

But Democrats are smart. When Russia launched a much larger-scale invasion last month, they realized that “Ukrainians deserve it” won’t be a popular position. No normal person will cheer images of dead children in mass graves. So it’s smart and good for the ratings to pretend to care and make it impossible to notice that your cheerleading of the Russians in 2014 and your policies back then made today inevitable.

There’s a bunch of secondary gains, too:

1. You reinforce the image of yourself as caring and the image of the opponent as callous.

2. You force the opponent into a ludicrous and unsustainable counter narrative.

3. You hide your screwups not only in 2014 but much more recently, for example, inflation and high gas prices.

4. And you pretend to help while sabotaging at every turn.

We’ve seen this before. “#MeToo! We care about women!” Then they introduce COVID policies that are devastating to women.

“BLM! We care about black people!” Then they introduce policies that are devastating to black people.

And everybody falls for it every single time.

7 thoughts on “Democrats and Ukraine

    1. That’s beautiful to see.

      Of course, the only Russian speaker on the planet who didn’t know about “русский военный корабль” is my husband. This gave me the idea to put up a flag with the saying in my car. Nobody will be able to read it but it will make me feel good.


  1. OT: I’ve seen a reference to an interview with Christo Grozev where he called the figures under house arrest. who didn’t pick up the phone (no surprise) but he did find sources he revealed that one of the factors of their arrest was the “billions” (not sure what currency) that had been budgeted to undermine Ukraine by buying off government, military and security figures to switch sides when the time came.

    Since this is Russia we’re talking about, guess what happened to all that money….

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