Military Strategy

Just so you understand how the Russian army operates. Russians occupied the Chernobayevo airport near Kherson. Brought a whole batallion or whatever you call it of helicopters there. The Ukrainian artillery hit the batallion. Destroyed 42 Russian helicopters.

What did the Russians do in response? They brought more helicopters, military vehicles, and a bunch of infantry. . . to the same airport. The Ukrainian artillery blasted them to smithereens.

What did the Russians do next?

Yes, they brought more equipment and personnel to the same airport. What did the Ukrainians do? Blasted them for the third time.

The third time was today. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

Will there be a fourth time? Because why not, right?

14 thoughts on “Military Strategy

    1. N says some high-ranking general is doing this on purpose to conceal how much money he stole and that was supposed to be spent on the troops.

      My explanation is that they are simply that stupid. But it could be both things at once.


      1. “it could be both things at once”

        If it’s just equipment and not troops getting blown up… I do think a lot of Russian soldiers on the ground (and probably a fair number of officers) don’t really want to “win”… because what does that even mean in that context? “Yeah we won! Now we get to watch over all these people who hate our guts!”….


        1. Good point. 🙂

          It looks for now that the Russians learned this particular lesson and withdrew from that spot. We’ll see, though. I wouldn’t put it past them to do this for the fourth time.


      1. A Ukrainian woman came to an animal shelter and said, “I saw this stray doggie in the backyard. She looked so sad. Probably her owners abandoned her. It took me a while to catch her but she’s in my car outside. Please take her and take good care of her.”

        The animal shelter people went outside and saw that the “sad little doggie” in the woman’s truck was a wolf.

        This is a typical Ukrainian woman, catching a wolf with her bare hands because the wolf looks a bit sad.

        This is probably an urban legend but as all legends it points to something real.


  1. I was reading a thread (might even have been from this blog but I forget!) that explained that the Russian government does not want anyone competent running the Russian military because such a person can become a major threat. You have some hero general with the backing of the troops and he could become the next Putin, if you will. So they purposefully try to put incompetent people into such positions. I do wonder how they reconcile this with wanting a military that is modernized and competent to compete with the West.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that technically, the Russian military hasn’t actually fought this kind of war, against another combined-arms military, since WWII with the Germans. After that, they rolled into Hungary in 1956, Czechoslovakia in 1968, and then Afghanistan in 1979, which was unconventional warfare. After that, there was the First Chechen War in the 1990s and then the Second Chechen War from 1999 to 2009, but again those were mostly unconventional warfare. So this type of war is completely new to them in many ways.

    The United States has had more experience in this area, with the Korean War where American tanks faced North Korea tanks and American fighter planes faced North Korean fighter planes, Vietnam where American fighter planes faced North Vietnamese fighter planes, and then the Gulf War which involved a large tank battle.

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    1. All true. I really appreciate your insight.

      This is similar to what happened on the eve of WWII when Stalin murdered all of the brilliant military strategists because he was threatened by them. All that was left were stupid hacks who caused major losses for the USSR in Finland and then against Germany in the first 3 years of the war.


    2. “I do wonder how they reconcile this with wanting a military that is modernized and competent”

      The paradox of Russia, they supposedly want to be taken seriously by the west yet stubbornly and aggressively hold on to practices that guarantee the opposite (which leads to rage at those who don’t take them seriously).

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  2. Biden is going to announce $1 billion US dollars of weapons to Ukraine on top of all the weapons and money they’ve already received.

    At the pace this is going, Ukraine won’t need NATO’s protection to fight off Russia; they might actually start to dwarf the Russians militarily.
    This is backfiring on Putin on so many levels.

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