Healthy Pastime

A terrible night. Here is one of the many atrocities committed by the Russians against civilians:

In their intercepted phone calls home, Russian soldiers say openly that they are unsuccessful at capturing Ukrainian cities and the commandment gave them orders to kill and torture civilians. They giggle when they talk about it. “Try to steal some really nice stuff to send home,” their relatives say excitedly.

This is a country of 144 million people where crushing sick elderly people with tanks is considered a respectable, healthy pastime.

4 thoughts on “Healthy Pastime

  1. I hesitate to post this, but I wondered if you have seen any of this news about the human rights abuses by the Ukranian military toward civilians. I am beginning to wonder what the truth is. These pro-Nazi Ukranian forces are using civilians as human shields? Can that be true? Why would they do that? And if they aren’t doing that, why would someone make this up? It’s very strange.


    1. It’s standard Russian propaganda from back in 2014. They are recycling their own lies, which is kind of funny.

      The habit of calling the people you don’t like “Nazis” is familiar, isn’t it? The American left didn’t invent it. It borrowed this charming habit from the people who used it effectively for decades.


      1. It certainly seems that we are in the middle of not only physical war, but information warfare. I suppose we pray and God knows, but it’s so hard to know what truth is. I always read your posts to try to get a semblance of truth. Thank you for sharing.


    2. To elaborate a bit on what you’re seeing, taping people to posts and optionally whipping them is how Ukrainians punish looters at wartime. You will sometimes see a sign taped to those people that says “looter”.

      We’re talking about looters in functioning cities, not Mariupol where people are collecting every food item in the city just to survive.

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