Not All Bad

Now for some good news:

Plus, that airport near Kherson (or the little that’s left of it) remains. Russian equipment and personnel must be on their way to it for the seventh time as we speak.

15 thoughts on “Not All Bad

  1. I tried to post a link to one of latest FB posts by Alexei Arestovich in which he expresses disgust in a super aggressive fashion at Ukrainians who still talk about NATO. Why such contempt? Weren’t Ukrainian politicians talking for years re joining both EU and NATO?


    1. One sign that we are winning the war is that the internal divisions are coming back. It’s fine, it’s a sign of a functioning democracy. There should be disagreement.

      Zelensky said in a speech that Ukraine will never become part of the NATO. It’s simply stating the fact. The NATO won’t accept Ukraine and was never going to do it. There’s a plan for a completely new military alliance. A real alliance with real power.

      But the supporters of the former president Poroshenko have started wailing to the skies. “It’s a betrayal! Zelensky is refusing to join the NATO!” As if anybody were offering.

      The NATO is a comforting illusion. It doesn’t exist. Arestovich decided to draw the fire to himself because he doesn’t want a career in politics. If people hate him for being honest about the NATO, it’s nothing to him.

      By the way, he was a Poroshenko supporter for years. But he’s one of the very few people capable of changing their mind.

      I have always been against Ukraine joining both the EU and the NATO. NATO is a cope. It’s time to move on. So I think that both Zelensky and Arestovich are absolutely right.


      1. // There’s a plan for a completely new military alliance. A real alliance with real power.

        Which alliance?

        I thought Russian aggression woke Europe up, made their alliance stronger, united Europe again.

        I heard Turkey being mentioned, but I find it hard to trust Erdogan, a dictator changing his mind as he sees fit. Israel has a long, bad history with him.

        // I have always been against Ukraine joining both the EU and the NATO.

        Wait, Zelensky puts the idea of NATO aside, but he still supports joining the EU, right?

        I thought most Ukrainians are very pro-EU and would become even more so as a result of this war. Am I wrong?

        Why are you against it?


        1. The new alliance will be Ukraine, Poland, other Eastern European countries, and probably the UK.

          I’m against the EU for the same reason I was always against. It’s a mechanism for impoverishing countries and enriching Germany. Given what a piece of shit Germany has been in this war, why would I want Ukraine being robbed to benefit Germany?

          Look at the damage the EU membership has done to Spain, Portugal, the Baltics. The EU is a mechanism of wealth extraction and transfer from the margins (defined as not-Germany) to the center (defined as Germany).


          1. “It’s a mechanism for impoverishing countries and enriching Germany”

            Before 2008 it had probably done more to reduce poverty than any international organization in human history… but once it turned neoliberal…. that was the end of that and now, as you say, exists to serve private German capital (the precariat is growing in Germany too, including among ethnic Germans).


      2. I think the UN is an illusion, NATO I very much do believe exists though, however some of the member nations have dragged their feet for years in terms of contributing militarily to it what they are supposed to. But that may well be changing now with Germany wanting to double its military spending and France also talking of increasing military expenditure. Also after Putin invaded Crimea in 2014, and especially under Trump, NATO forces in Europe were strengthened a great deal.

        The U.S. pulled its last tanks out of Europe in 2013, but then Putin invaded Crimea, so the U.S. started Operation Atlantic Resolve which involves nine month rotations of a U.S. armored brigade to Europe and regular multinational training between U.S. forces and those of NATO countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, etc…the Army has also increased its stocks of pre-positioned equipment in such countries. The stocks include Humvees, M1 Abrams tanks, and all sorts of other equipment so that troops can be sent over from the U.S. and be ready to fight without waiting for equipment to be shipped over from the United States.

        It used to be that a lot of the equipment was older and less maintained, more there for an emergency, but in recent years, the Army has upgraded much of it to being brand new equipment and said equipment gets regularly used in the Atlantic Resolve operations, so that if crap hits the fan, the troops sent over are utilizing equipment that they are already familiar with. The Atlantic Resolve training also exercises the U.S. military’s abilities in terms of interoperability with the NATO countries. The U.S. also conducts interoperability exercises with non-NATO countries such as Finland for example, which is not part of NATO (although now wants to be) but has made its military forces interoperable with NATO, using much of the same equipment and TTP (tactics, techniques, procedures).

        There’s actually been quite a bit of debate on this whole issue, for example some say the nine-month rotations are adequate for deterrence and also exercise the military’s ability at deploying forces whereas others say that while true, it exercises such skills too much and at the detriment of combat skills, and thus that we need a permanent armored force in Europe. This then leads to disagreements over armored brigade or full armored division. At the Army’s current size and global responsibilities, I don’t believe it has the resources to place a full armored division permanently in Europe right now.

        Then there’s the debate over where to put it. Some say Poland (also Poland wants one) while others say (well said, things have changed in the past few weeks) that such a move would be too provocative to Russia and also would be too expensive and complex as it would require construction of a whole new base there (or bases). Some say put an armored division in Germany, as it’s further away from Russia and there is a whole existing base infrastructure already there. A criticism to this is that it might make the Eastern European states feel like NATO is viewing them as a buffer zone. However a full division in Germany would still make Atlantic Resolve annual training easier.


  2. Here is the post:

    Calm down with NATO already, idolaters.
    Where is your dignity?
    I am the first to support NATO.
    I started working as a NATO Lieutenant in 1999. And you?

    In the videos that you’re dragging, where is “… Arestovich predicted the war in 2019”, clearly said by me:
    – the price for joining NATO – a great war with Russia.
    And, regardless of who will be in charge of Russia and Ukraine.
    When Poroshenko put this norm (el: joining NATO) in the Constitution, this video and a mass of previous videos with the same explanations have long been recorded and posted publicly.
    Then you shouted “psychic”, today – “traitor”.

    But I’ll tell you a little secret.
    The reason is not that someone is a lunatic or a traitor.
    The reason is that you are panties and woodpeckers. This sums it up “fuck it”.
    Have you heard it? Requested by: dol-bo-fuckers. Cowards and assholes. No brain, no conscience.
    Weak people who are afraid to face reality as it is and try to smear it with dancing with drums.
    She, in reality, sends them to hell, but they still climb and climb like mice on a cactus.
    And how are you different from the Russians in Chernobayevka, zombies?

    And in their shrieks, continuously citing Lavrov, but not their own Supreme (el: Zelensky) , of your own country at war.
    Those who are keenly believing Russian fakes, but not the head of their own state, whom the whole world believed, whom the US Congress and NATO parliaments meet standing up, despite Zelensky directly accusing them of being passive.

    Fucking you Komsomol members. Which will fellate the obituary (el: a regional branch of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union), no matter how much the obituary wipes its legs on you.

    The whole world is applauding the President who has raised the dignity of our country’s political leadership to a level that never happened.
    To a level that allows you to dictate the terms.
    To tell the truth to the people and politicians who have long gotten rid of it, tried to lie – and continue to lie when our children die in the basements.
    So, the price for Ukraine’s joining NATO is a big conflict with Russia.
    Ok we paid our price. What about NATO?
    Don’t you worry.
    I specialize in those Running away from reality . )
    Providing individual and collective assistance.

    Would you like to?
    Let’s begin:
    1. Tell me what specific assistance NATO has provided to Ukraine (as an organization), starting February 24 this year?
    2. Answer yourself a question: what does it mean the absence of Ukraine’s invitation to the emergency NATO meeting on February 26 this year – on the third day of the active phase of aggression? Georgia and Moldova were invited – we were not.
    3. Answer yourself – what do the statements of the political leadership of the leading NATO states, reflected in the photo below mean?

    When you have the courage to answer, you can move on to the next – the main question:
    – what forms and ways to ensure Ukraine’s security, we all have to find, if we want to join NATO, and it does not want us?

    Z. A.S. You know, a therapist should not have contempt for patients. Just attention.
    I don’t feel it as a therapist.
    As a person – I would hesitate to wipe my legs on you.
    To avoid getting dirty.

    And I absolutely don’t give a fuck about your ranks, merits and rewards – past, present and future.
    Whether you are volunteers, military, journalists or deputies.
    You were idiots, and will die as idiots.
    Unless I heal you.
    Take a chance, I’m kind. )


  3. Something nice for a change. Quoted my favorites:

    Одной из наиболее распространенных форм «низового» Сопротивления в Третьем рейхе были анекдоты. х называли «флюстервитце» – «шутки, рассказанные шепотом» – поскольку за них можно было легко угодить туда, куда не хотелось.

    – Вопрос: В бункер, где сидят Гитлер, Геринг и Геббельс, попадает бомба. Кто будет спасен? Ответ: Германия.

    – Фюрер сел в самолет, чтобы своими глазами посмотреть на эффект от нового немецкого чудо-оружия. Эффект великолепный: внизу одни воронки и руины. «Прекрасно! – кричит Гитлер. – Это был Лондон?» – «Нет, мой фюрер, мы еще только над Гамбургом».

    Евреи хотели уничтожить Германию, но фюрер их опередил.

    В чем разница между христианством и национал-социализмом? В христианстве один умер за всех, при национал-социализме все будет наоборот.

    Завтрашние выборы отменяются, поскольку во время вчерашней кражи со взломом в министерстве пропаганды неизвестные унесли со стола Геббельса результаты выборов на ближайшие десять лет вперед.


    1. Funny. But the underlying idea is radically wrong. Putin isn’t causing this. Russia is causing this. And this has been unchanged for centuries.


  4. Почему Bosch остановил поставку запчастей в Россию
    Две недели назад украинцы захватили очередные российские “Тигр” и “Панцирь”, открыли капот и обнаружили в двигателях детали фирмы Bosch. Украинский мин.ин.дел Кулеба рассказал об этом в немецком ток-шоу Anne Will. Разразился скандал на всю Германию, Bosch заверяла, что по договору её детали не должны идти на военную технику, и в итоге сказала “раз так – мы вообще прекращаем поставку в Россию запчастей для грузовых машин”.

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  5. I understand the rage of Ukrainians, but do not think it’s the best idea for quite a few reasons. Israel doesn’t do this and we have all reasons to hate:

    Kadyrovtsy, killed in the Dnepropetrovsk region, will be buried in pig skins, – Deputy Mayor Mikhail Lysenko of the Dnieper “Officially. Decision is made. All Kadyrovites killed on the territory of the Dnepropetrovsk region will be sewn up and buried in pigskins. Thanks to the meatpacking plants of the city. Let’s see how they will be received there in “heaven”. Creatures,” he wrote.

    Bykov wrote a new poem:


    Два главных символа эпохи —
    Лубянка-мать и Лужники:
    При трезвом взгляде оба плохи,
    Но первый лучше, мужики.

    Два главных знака нашей бездны,
    Страны, сидящей на колу,
    И оба Путину любезны
    И начинаются на «Лу».

    (С них начинается и лужа,
    В какую сел пропагандон,
    И вождь Лука — куда уж хуже, —
    И Луговой, и Лугандон —

    From this link:


  6. Like how he writes (a post from 2020):

    Хотят ли русские войны
    (фильм на деньги ЕС)

    В общем, «Путь». Фильм настолько редкий, что его даже на Ютубе не найти (непонятно почему). На самом деле это типично «грантоедская» поделка, без особой фантазии даже. Сценарий — проще некуда: авторы садятся в поезд Москва — Владивосток и едут по Транссибу через всю Россию, не забывая по ходу поездки брать флеш-интервью у пассажиров-попутчиков, а также вылезать на крупных станциях на день-другой, чтобы поснимать роскошные сибирские виды и опять же поспрашивать местных. Интервью берут две русские девицы-авторши, операторы, как я понял — два итальянца. Деньги на всё про всё дал Евросоюз.

    И, поскольку заказчиком выступает ЕС, то подо всем, естественно, общечеловеческая и пацифистская прокладка: все интервью у случайных русских людей берутся по примерной теме «Хотят ли русские войны». В итоге — видовой фильм с шикарными русскими пейзажами — поля, тайга, сопки, Байкал — и идеологический посыл: нет, русские войны не хотят, все люди братья (вар. – нет, русские не такие уж звери) etc. Я давно заметил, что идеологически ЕС весьма похож на СССР, видимо, потому, что правящая там и там бюрократия транснациональна и в своей основе одинакова.

    Но и это опять же не главное. Именно известная механистичность, ЕС-овская роботообразность, когда авторы просто тупо следовали сценарию — снять то, снять это — фильм очень улучшила, так как избавила зрителя от «авторской позиции», совершенно обычно невыносимой в собственно российских авторских поделках. Например, прекрасный был мальчик лет 10… Это был эпизод в каком-то сибирском городе — кажется, Омске. Авторши вылезли «поснимать», а на перроне — скопление. В частности, стоит симпатичная женщина с ребенком — тем самым мальчиком. Кого ждут? А они пришли встречать состав с «омским ОМОНом»: омоновцы возвращаются из двух- или трехмесячной «командировки» в Чечню, женщина встречает мужа.

    И да — подходит еще поезд, оттуда вылезают омоновцы — в камуфляже, в берцах, все как положено. «Поезд с войны» (к вопросу о «миролюбии»). Девки получили разрешение — снимают, снимают… Вот и муж наш вышел, совсем еще молодой парень, но вид неуловимо «ментовской», суровый, когда подходит — видно, что насторожен, не понимает, что это за компания с камерами возле жены с сыном, зыркает недовольно. Потом обнимает жену, сын к нему кидается точно как зверек, неуклюже обнимает, прячет лицо. Омоновец оттаивает.

    И дальше уже перевешивает «европейское»: вернувшийся с Кавказа включает вполне радушную улыбку, жена тоже улыбается — и вот они уже соглашаются попозировать «для передачи», встают все втроем, он и она приветственно поднимают руки, как на плакате, приветливо машут, что-то кричат типа «Приезжайте к нам в Омск!» Идиллия.

    И только мальчик — он в центре «композиции», и он еще не научился (или не считает нужным) притворяться. Его лицо остается таким же, каким было вначале нашей «встречи»: без тени улыбки, настороженное, глаза чуть прищуренные, взгляд ощупывающий, как бы спрашивающий: «Кто вы такие? Я вас не знаю. Зачем вы здесь? Что вам нужно?» Истинно сибирский взгляд, настоящий. У отца был точно такой, когда он подходил — но он его пригасил быстро.

    Вот она, магия документального кино! Такого не сыграешь, тут — до печенок. У меня этот ребенок в композиции «Приветливое семейство омоновцев приглашает в Омск» так и стоит до сих пор перед глазами. Россия как она есть. И даже не скажешь, что это сняли авторы фильма — это сняла КАМЕРА.

    Но и это не самое потрясающее. Самое потрясающее в этом фильме (причем понимание приходит не сразу, оно как бы накапливается исподволь) — это невероятный контраст пейзажей и людей.


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