Same Narrative

Completely true. If you don’t remember, Antonio was recently hounded out of a job by leftist bullies.

It’s become impossible to talk to the MAGA friends because it’s like being at a faculty meeting with the most out there leftist activists. “Yes, but it’s the fault of the US. The US caused it. The US invaded XYZ, so how can we blame anybody else for anything? But the NATO, but the ‘color revolutions,’ but slavery.” I moved to the Right to avoid all this, and now it has caught up with me.

9 thoughts on “Same Narrative

  1. New thread by Galeev, in which he talks some about age and ethnicity in Putin’s Russia and their relationship to the war.

    Shorter version: Ethnic minorities (despised by ‘real’ Russians) are doing a disproportionate amount of fighting/dying and the biggest supporters of the war are old and disproportionately women cause… not a lot of older men around… “Babushka fascism” is my new favorite expression.

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  2. Communists and “new righters” sounding exactly the same rn (same goes for the Bernie-to-Trump pipeline.) There’s no escape from this on twitter; apparently muting words doesn’t work, and this nonsense shows up in my DMs and group chats regardless.

    You can never avoid this stuff. One comfort here is that a majority of normal Republicans (not just neocons, everybody) still hate Russia and support Ukraine.

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    1. I have two close friends. One from the Baltics even, but married to a right-wing politician here. They’ve been completely taken over by Lin Wood who’s promising that Putin is coming over to install Trump as president again. I’m hoping to wait it out. Surely, they’ve got to come to their senses eventually.


  3. General officers getting killed in combat situations is VERY rare, because the generals are supposed to be the brains and not the muscle of an army, so they appropriately do their planning and give the orders safely, well out of harm’s way.

    (One U.S. general was killed while we were in Afghanistan, and that was by assassination back at headquarters.)

    The Russian army doesn’t have competent combat-level leaders (junior-ranking officers and NCOs) to keep the front-line troops fighting, so Russia’s generals have to get dangerously close to the action.

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    1. Dreidel, I don’t know if you saw this thread, but it explains in depth why the Russian army is so inept

      In an easier to read format here:

      shorter story: The government fears the military and sabotages it in lots of ways and corrupt forces in and out of the military rob it blind at every stage.


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