Russian Losses

And these are the losses that the Russian government is willing to recognize officially. I’m purposefully not giving you the Ukrainian estimates. These are the Russian official numbers, and in a war everybody reports smaller losses for themselves and larger losses for the enemy. But let’s assume that Russians are being uncharacteristically honest. It’s still very high numbers.

What do personnel losses of such magnitude tell us? The Russian military strategy has been a complete and utter failure. There’s also a bizarre incapacity to depart from a clearly suicidal strategy. More and more Russian soldiers are being brought to the exact spots where Ukrainians already destroyed Russian troops.

One thought on “Russian Losses

  1. The MoD figures might not include cops like Rosgvardia, or the puppet regime militias. There’s no figure for missing, there must be people unaccounted for (POWs, deserters, dead left behind and not recorded yet).
    The wounded to dead ratio suggests a collapse of field medicine, normally it would be something like 3 wounded for 1 dead.


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