Who’s Winning?

As I said before, I don’t watch (or read it listen to) the MSM coverage of the Russian war in Ukraine. Or of anything. So I’m wondering, what are the MSM saying? Who’s winning the war, according to them? If anybody can briefly enlighten me, I’ll be grateful.

I know the correct answer but I wonder what’s being reported.

15 thoughts on “Who’s Winning?

  1. I was surprised to see Israeli Arab reaction:

    // The two Arab Israeli parties chose to snub Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s speech to the Knesset on Sunday night, with only one Arab lawmaker out of their 10 MKs showing up.

    “Our position is that NATO and its leader America imposed this war,” said Mansour Dahamsheh, the Hadash party’s secretary-general, in a phone call with The Times of Israel. //

    To be honest, Zelensky’s speech to the Knesset was a total fiasco among Jews too:

    // Israeli lawmakers tear into Zelensky for Holocaust comparisons in Knesset speech
    Ukrainian president accused of ignoring his country’s part in Nazi genocide; Lapid refrains from criticism, vows Israel will keep aiding Ukraine ‘as much as we can’ //


      1. “Interview with the former Israeli ambassador to the United States. Of course, such a person will not say anything that should not be said. The political tangle that he draws is very confusing. But one gets the impression that Israel is still defiantly neutral because Russia paid us with something important.”


        Это звучит очень цинично. Завершение войны приблизит нас к подписанию соглашения о ядерной сделке?

        Цинично или не цинично – это факт, и Лавров сказал об этом совершенно ясно. Он сказал, что получил письменные обязательства со стороны США вывести Иран из режима санкций, наложенных на Россию, если Москва перестанет чинить препоны на пути к подписанию соглашения. В этом случае Россия сможет продолжать торговать с Ираном. То есть США предают не только своих союзников на Ближнем Востоке, но и народ Украины.

        Вы хотите сказать, что действия Беннета, пытающегося быть посредником между Россией и Украиной, противоречат интересам Израиля, так как приближают нас к соглашению по ядерной программе Ирана?

        При условии, что нет какой-то тихой закулисной договоренности между нами и Россией по этому вопросу.

        Вы действительно считаете такую договоренность возможной?

        Я достаточно давно нахожусь в мире дипломатии и политики, чтобы знать, что возможно всё. А то, что мы видим и читаем в СМИ – это лишь небольшая часть.

        Via this blog (in Russian):


      2. Exactly. A pathetic, weasely position. Today in Kharkiv Russians murdered a survivor of the Buchenwald concentration camp during WWII. In the face of all this, the pathetic nitpicking over a speech sounds really ridiculous.


  2. “I wonder what’s being reported”

    Me too. I avoid the mainstream media as much as possible on this issue as well (like covid before it).

    I’m interested in your answer… I have strong impressions but I don’t know how accurate they are since I don’t read Ukrainian or Russian (my passive reading ability of blurbs has increased a lot in the last few weeks but anything long or detailed… nope).

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    1. Today Ukrainian troops destroyed a bunch of Russian troops and vehicles near the Kherson airport for the 7th time.

      We are winning. Slowly, painfully and at an enormous cost. But we are winning. Four out of the 10 existing Russian armies are gone. They don’t exist anymore.


      1. “We are winning”

        From everything I could tell Ukraine is doing better aganist Russian forces than the other way around which is why the Russians are targeting civilians (less likely to shoot back).

        And at this point there is no political goal that Russia can achieve beyond killing civilians… for the bloodthirsty babushkas….

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  3. Ukriane could very well be winning , as this is what a Ukrainian win looks like- a long bloody attritional fight. Russia has more and better everything. I appreciate how well thought out their strategy is-Russia is short of trucks and relies on the rails for transport. That is part of why Ukraine fights so hard for Kharkiv, it’s a rail junction. Deny Russia the rails and they have to rely on their insufficient number of trucks to supply their forces. Which are being destroyed in ambushes and are also wearing out. If the Ukrainians have the endurance, the logistical problems will multiply and the Russian economy will crater , Putin will catch one in the back of the head and Ukraine wins.

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    1. oops i meant that the logistical problems will incapacitate the russian army and the sanctions will crater the russian economy. Tongue tied.


  4. “Who’s winning?”

    In the U.S, main-stream media, Ukraine is certainly winning the propaganda war!

    CNN, MSNBC, and most of the pundits on Fox News all sound strangely identical as they lavishly praise the bravery and heroism of the Ukrainian people and endlessly compare Zelenskyy to America’s Founding Fathers, while damning Putin as the devil incarnate. (This isn’t an exaggeration — watch them for a few minutes and see for yourself.)

    The only exception is Tucker Carlson, who has stopped praising Putin, but describes Ukraine as “a growing dictatorship” as Zelenskyy “bans all political parties and media who aren’t loyal to him.”

    Today a front-line Ukrainian doctor said a very stupid thing in an videotaped interview about how hospitalized Russian prisoners would be castrated because they’re “just cockroaches, not people.” It was apparent (at least to me) that this was just a tasteless emotional angry outburst — and shortly afterward, in another interview, the doctor apologized and stated that of course that wasn’t being done. Carlson showed the only the first video, and presented it as if it might actually be Ukrainian policy.

    (Surely, Carlson can’t be stupid enough to actually believe the blatantly one-sided anti-Ukraine propaganda he’s spewing, so wonder what his game plan is.)

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    1. Poor Tucker, he’s gone off the deep end. Zelensky has a million defects but they all lie in the opposite direction of being dictatorial.

      It is the official Ukrainian policy not to deliver any strikes at the Russian territory. Nothing would be easier than bombing, say, Belgorod, which is 20 minutes away from Kharkiv. But that wasn’t done. The prisoners of war are being treated decently. There’s no need to worry on their behalf.

      What do you think is happening with Tucker? Why can’t he simply drift away from a narrative that’s clearly nuts? Talk about other things and leave this subject. Is it stubbornness? Or is he trying to convince himself he was right from the start?


      1. “What do you think is happening with Tucker? Why can’t he simply drift away from a narrative that’s clearly nuts?”

        I honestly don’t know. I have wondered about his strange transition, since for a almost two decades on other channels (CNN, PBS, even MSNBC) he was a moderate, reasonable conservative whose views I respected.

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  5. I just saw a CNN story, let me try to remember what it said.

    Biden is going to Brussels for an extraordinary NATO summit, then to Poland. Some ex military or political guest was on, to talk about what the west should do. One part was to assist the refugees, another was to make it clear to Putin that sovereign Ukraine will triumph and that as he loses, he must not escalate to nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons. That’s what I remember.


  6. Ukraine winning the propaganda war. Russia slightly winning the actual war, as of today. This is according to a military expert on the Unherd youtube channel. This is, of course, not exactly a mainstream outlet.


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