What Is a Woman?

This is the real problem with Judge Jackson:

She’s terrified. Terrified of a tiny group of men in dresses to the point where she prefers to look like a complete idiot than to say what a woman is. How can it be a good idea to have a Supreme Court Justice who is so scared of a tiny interest group that she can’t perform an intellectual operation accessible to most 4-year-olds?

Ironically, Jackson was only nominated because she is a woman, as the person nominating her said openly. I assume President Biden isn’t a biologist either. How did he manage to figure out that Judge Brown is a woman if it’s such a fraught task?

Twenty-first century. And we are at a point where we are afraid to say that we know what a woman is.

12 thoughts on “What Is a Woman?

  1. What’s really entertaining with this nomination is that a racist approach by Biden was used to nominate her and yet the libs keep calling the conservative commentators ‘racists’ whenever they bring up that very fact.

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  2. Her response is telling, though. If a biologist must be involved in the definition, she believes the definition is biological, not psychological.

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  3. Any reasonable definition she might have attempted to make (e.g., a woman is an adult human female) would have had her skewered as a TERF on the left. Her evasiveness is understandable and probably the least damaging strategy.


    1. But Democrat senators are going to vote for her no matter what and might even perhaps and had won over a Republican vote. She could have given the “brave” answer and said “a human with XX chromosomes” without jeopardizing her chances for an appointment. I can’t stand Blackburn and I was agreeing with her here. I am a Democrat am in favor of a liberal justice and happy to diversity the court. But I just can’t stand the erasure of the category of woman from public life. It makes me furious.

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      1. Right now, all feminists are up in arms against her. But strangely, that’s not as scary as a much smaller group of trans women activists. It’s almost as if those activists were, you know. . . men.

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  4. “Twenty-first century. And we are at a point where we are afraid to say that we know what a woman is.”
    May I suggest a correction? “And we are at a point where A WOMAN is afraid to say that we know what a woman is.”
    Thank you.

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    1. “we are at a point where A WOMAN is afraid to say that we know what a woman is”

      We are at a point where a highly educated and accomplished woman is afraid to say she knows what a woman is because she’s afraid of a small group of extremists who are ostensibly… ON HER SIDE.

      The Democratic party is finished as an entity capable of anything useful until it weans itself from its “¿Quién es más progresivx? attitude….

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