Eurovision Contender

Here’s a great new Ukrainian song mocking the “Ukrainian biolabs” fake:

A short resume of the song in English:

Foreign scientists created a virus that makes Ukrainian birds poop on Russia and make Russian women give birth to babies that all look like Stepan Bandera, the Ukrainian ultranationalist of the 1940s era, and can’t speak [bad word for the Russian language.] Be very afraid, bitches, because even mice in the fields hate [bad word for Russian people] with everything they have.

It’s a definite Eurovision contender. Watch the video, it’s all pretty self-explanatory. I’ve lost a close friend to the Ukrainian biolabs, but at least I’ve got the song to make me feel less lonely.

8 thoughts on “Eurovision Contender

  1. I liked the first half (mockery of Russian propaganda) much more that straightforward destroying planes and tanks…


      1. I do not mind someone blowing up a Russian tank or plane or ten.
        But the song/video is disjointed the way it is…
        Anyway, because of you I listened to some other Ukrainian patriotic songs and then to Estonian patriotic songs and then to some Sabaton songs, because this is what Youtube starts showing you if you listen to some Estonian patriotic songs…

        Back to Estonian ones – not the best version, but translated to English


  2. I wonder what the US equivalent to Eurovision is. How does one explain Eurovision to people in the US?
    Here in Italy it’s very popular, and we have TWO national homegrown versions of it, Sanremo Festival and Festivalbar in Verona.
    Also, remind your friends that a country doesn’t have to be in the EU to participate in the Eurovision song competition (but it helps).

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    1. There are many people in the US who are into the Eurovision and follow it fanatically. Maybe there should be a US equivalent with states competing against each other.


    2. “the US equivalent to Eurovision is”

      In a weird way, I might say the Super Bowl…. both are mutant culture events (that is they’ve long evolved far away from their original ideas and/or formats) and you just sort of have to experience it a few times before you get it.

      In the Super Bowl, very often the actual game is the least important/interesting part of the event the same way that Eurovision stops abruptly after the winning song is chosen (while the credits start appearing a half minute or so into the encore performance….)

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