Ukraine Event

As promised, here is the link to our live YouTube event about Ukraine on Wednesday:

I’d be grateful if people left likes before the event because, for a technical reason I can’t fathom, that matters.

The event will concentrate on history, literature, and art. The point we are trying to make is that Ukraine is a lot more than the current war. This isn’t about the details of how Ukrainians are fighting but more about what they are fighting for. The time is 5 pm Central US time.

Yes, I will be speaking. For those who don’t know me, I am not the 70-year-old gentleman. I’m the lady who speaks before him.

5 thoughts on “Ukraine Event

      1. I sometimes watch live streams. Once the stream is over it is available as regular video. The main difference is that during the live stream one can ask a question in the live chat window, as opposed to regular videos where you can add comments.

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          1. Agreed. I set a reminder for myself. I’m looking forward. It will be the first time I think I will hear you speak and see you on video.

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