Bleeding-heart Liberalism

Bleeding-heart liberalism is very annoying. All of this crawling on the knees for BLM, all of the exaltation of the victimhood du jour. Annoying.

However, the bleeding-heart variety of liberalism exists for a reason. It’s the only alternative many people see to the neoliberal alienation. They need to care about something outside of themselves. And it’s completely unimportant whether the caring is genuine or performative. Any performance becomes at least somewhat genuinely felt after a while.

Remember Maslow? After you satisfy your basic needs, you conceive a desire to move to a higher plane of existence and do something more transcendent than worrying about your next meal. The capacity to care about something other than basic survival is what makes us human. When there are no healthy ways to seek transcendence, people use debased, ridiculous forms of doing it.


6 thoughts on “Bleeding-heart Liberalism

  1. Hmmm… I am not so sure about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
    Most if not all of these bleeding-heart liberals live around the feel-good principle, i.e. they want to feel good about themselves every time they do something, were it only getting coffee at Starbucks: fair trade, organic, ethically sourced and the rest of their blathering do-good, pious cant. Very Pilgrim Fathers Puritan New England mindset if you ask me, that’s where it all comes from.
    What’s better than feeling good about “helping others” and telling the rest of the world what good people they are? It must reach orgasm proportions.
    How else could one explain their saviour-style enterprises, à la Greta Thunberg? Much ado about nothing very much, in the sense that they get to keep their nannies, gardeners and “house help” (a bleeding-heart euphemism if ever there was one), while decrying overpopulation, climate change, lack of access to “free and safe” abortions with absolutely NO skin off their asses.
    And the same goes for their very public, virtue-signalling self-flagellation exercises around “Whiteness”: bloody hypocrites the whole bunch of them. Whited sepuchres indeed, in the words of Our Lord!

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  2. “They need to care about something outside of themselves.”

    They have a religion sized hole in their soul,
    They want to fill it up, so they can feel whole.

    When old religions die, people do not turn to rational enlightment but rather look for new ones and new religions tend to be either incoherent messes or disaster areas….

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  3. Two reasons IMO:

    1) Desire for control: H.L. Mencken said, “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false flag for the desire to control it.” Humans love and are hardwired for power, and especially the exercise of power where in doing so they also feel that they are doing good, as this satisfies their ego.

    2) As cliff pointed out, lack of religion or a belief system. Humans have an overwhelming need to believe in something. The human brain is hardwired for religion. When conventional religion is suppressed, it often pops up in other forms, two of the most widespread being communism/socialism and extreme environmentalism.

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  4. I could tell you what this involves, but you are not going to like it, you are not going to trust the logic behind it, and you are going to fall at first into a trap where you unwittingly reinforce the circumstances and contingencies that are being explained.

    But here’s one notion to dispense of immediately: it does not involve any kind of religion at all, at least not in any non-palliative sense.

    If only the situation were in fact that lofty, you could possibly excuse the behaviour as well-intentioned.

    Instead, it’s entirely selfish despite pretences to the contrary.

    So with that in mind, do you want to know?

    I’ll drop by in a few days when I have another break from writing to see if you’re up for it.


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