The West Isn’t Dead

Johnson is being hardcore, and I’m jealous of the Brits for the first time ever.

The West isn’t dead yet. This is good to see.

3 thoughts on “The West Isn’t Dead

  1. Of course the West isn’t dead.

    China is killing itself with never ending lockdowns to the point where people are starting to go hungry in one of their richest cities, and Russia just committed what may be one of the biggest blunders of its history.

    Whoever says the West is dead because of some stupidity over gender ideology and other stupid crap like that, is not seeing the big picture.


      1. Look how scared they still are of a virus that the rest of the world has completely gotten over. Many of them are really very afraid of it. Chinese culture is very afraid of death, mom’s are scared shitless of losing their one single child.

        Are these the people who are supposed to be challenging Western supremacy?


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