I Take Requests

What kinds of videos would you, readers, like me to post? I take requests. Anything you always wanted to hear me talk about?

7 thoughts on “I Take Requests

  1. Have been thinking about new topics, and finally found THE most interesting topic for your video / post that would love to read or to listen about:

    EU from its creation till today. Cliff said it contributed a lot to reducing poverty, but not anymore. You mentioned joining EU destroyed economies of several poorer states. How does it work? Which laws protect German farmers and industrial workers, while hurting those in other countries? How much independence do EU members have over their borders? I know Hungary and Poland did not receive almost any Syrian refugees, so it looks like, EU or no EU, countries can choose what to accept.

    You have talked a lot about fighting to preserve the good things about the nation state, yet how is it possible, if all modern forces are working to erode the old basis? Which things in the new normal give you hope it may be possible?

    Another interesting topic is social, family and inner life in the new normal. For instance, Rod discussed Vogue magazine’s article hailing the end of monogamy (“Inside Love’s Sharing Economy”) :

    // “It took five more years, but in June 2020, the liberal city of Somerville, Massachusetts, just outside Boston, passed what was believed to be the country’s first municipal ordinance recognizing polyamorous relationships of three of more people, granting them the same legal rights as married, monogamous couples. The neighboring cities of Cambridge and Arlington followed suit in March and April 2021. Moors cites late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s “slippery slope” argument that striking down anti-sodomy laws could lead to queer marriage and legal unions between multiple people. She laughs a little: “He wasn’t wrong.” //


    Just from the article’s title, one sees the words ‘economy’ and ‘sharing’, as if love is an economic resource to be shared in the way many rent flats instead of buying (community living or renting a pod with just enough space in lie in in China) and use File-Sharing Services on Internet.

    Rod’s Benedict Option sounds like a sign of defeat.

    Something else wanted to share:

    I have been reading Russian lj and quite a few people are developing conspiracy theories re Klaus Schwab’s and others’ cabal ruling over the world. It explains (to them) the uniform global response to covid and, in minds of those people, even the current war between Russia and Ukraine, since the new order will be born out of destruction of the old by Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: pestilence, war, hunger and, finally, death.

    I know you’ve written about it, but it still is strange: why did all the states respond in such a uniform fashion, adopting the same policies? What power does Schwab’s group really have? Are they mainly the messengers of technological and social change rather than its shapers, in contrast to what Russian bloggers believe? In pre-war times, the latter described Russia being punished for not successfully adopting covid policies. Is it all a sign of their diseased imagination? Those people sound normal, educated and smart … till they something really weird.

    What is the role of international agencies in the new world? I have read much criticism, but surely there are good things too.


    1. These are great topics. Thank you for embracing this new venue and suggesting so many great topics. I now have a long-term program for the videos.

      In the meantime, I want to respond to your observations about the cabal and the Schwab conspiracies because it hurts. My friend, an exquisitely educated, extremely successful, brilliant person, a scientist, fell completely under the spell of the Telegram conspiracists. She doesn’t speak Russian but she reads the English-language propagandists who retell these conspiracies in English. According to this group, there is no war in Ukraine. It’s all a digital illusion created by Schwab and Soros to give them as an excuse to destroy Russia because it’s the last bastion of opposition to globalism and COVID measures.

      It’s a very weird feeling when I tell my friend, “I talked to a former classmate in Kharkiv, and her neighborhood was bombed last night” and she responds with a beatific look, “you know there are no bombs. It’s all a lie. Don’t tell me you believe in this fake war.”

      It’s scary shit. Schwab promotes the embrace of the fluid post-nation state. I don’t like the idea and I don’t like him. But there are people who have gone completely nuts about him. It’s scary to watch.


      1. “Don’t tell me you believe in this fake war.”

        They must be going all out, I live over 300 miles from the Ukraine border and now the city is full of people speaking Russian and Ukrainian… does this person think the refugees are crisis actors or something? It gives new meaning to the term ‘a cast of thousands’….

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  2. Have you heard this: “One of the Russian Navy’s most important warships has been badly damaged in the Black Sea … Russian sailors evacuated the guided-missile cruiser Moskva, the flagship of its Black Sea fleet, after a fire that detonated ammunition aboard, Russia’s defense ministry said. … Ukraine claims it was hit by a missile” ?

    If Russia wanted Crimea for its Black Sea Fleet, will losing the fleet make keeping Crimea less enticing?

    One Russian blogger wondered: “why do we even need a fleet that can be disabled by a truck with a couple of missiles in the back? Trucks are cheaper.”

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    1. According to Kamil Galeev, the Russian navy is a white elephant. It’s a 19th century idea (a ‘great power’ needs a strong navy) that no longer has much relevance but Russia clings to it.


    2. There’s more. This is the “русский военный корабль” of the famous slogan. It’s that very one! Got what it deserved like all those bastards will.


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