Evergreen Talent

I was starting to think Stephen King had lost all his talent but it looks like his skill at writing horror is as strong as ever:

How do these things even occur to people.

6 thoughts on “Evergreen Talent

  1. Sounds like a decent meal to me. I’d probably bake the fish in the regular oven, ten minutes on each side, while I heated my canned vegetables for two minutes in the microwave.

    But if I were married like King, my wife would do the cooking.


  2. Doesn’t that make the microwave and everything you cook in it smell like fish for days?

    The problem with microwaves is that a lot of stuff ends up soggy or otherwise lacking in texture.

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  3. I haven’t done this myself, but as to how this came about – apparently, wrapping a food item in a damp towel of some kind and microwaving it is an established method of lightly steaming the item.

    I like my salmon to have sear and crisp on it, but I’ve also known people who like it super soft, nearly falling apart. I think it’s this state that the Stephen method of cooking is supposed to bring about, and I’m reasonably sure it’s good at that.

    I’ve stopped giving the microwave fuss a long time ago, it’s a tool like any other. Don’t ask me about the paper towels, though.


    1. Fish should have a translucent moist center after being cooked. If it’s not translucent, it’s no longer fish and should not be eaten. 12 minutes in the oven or 6 on the stove, and it’s going to be perfect.


      1. Given what you wrote here, I think you might actually like the microwave method of cooking salmon – the advantage is not the speed but the fact that microwave cooking keeps it moist and tender (vs cooking in the oven), without waterlogging the fish. My mum often cooked it like this for us when I was a teenager, and she’s no microwave devotee.


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