What Is Making Us Nuts?

I posted a new video on why we are going so crazy. What is causing all these mental health issues that are really debilitating to so many people? I was at a long meeting yesterday, and the suffering was almost palpable. These are good people, nobody is faking. This is real. But why is it happening?

Please let me know if the microphone made any difference to the sound quality. I’m not perceiving any difference but I never do.


6 thoughts on “What Is Making Us Nuts?

  1. Definitely felt the difference with sound quality. And this video has subtitles too. 🙂

    “I was at a long meeting yesterday, and the suffering was almost palpable.”

    Aren’t those the same professors who had been working at your university for decades?

    I understand the pressure felt by people who became jobless or had to move for new (often not that great) jobs.

    Yet, for tenured university profs, life is pretty stable, or isn’t it because of the stress to publish which many feel?

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    1. Oh, thank goodness that the microphone worked. Also, thank you for letting me know. The microphone is really cute but I have no idea if it performs.

      I’m at a university where nobody publishes or is expected to engage in such a bizarre activity. So it’s definitely not the stress of a busy research life. The suffering people feel isn’t situational. It’s foundational.


    1. “I understand the source of stress”

      No. American university faculty has always been high strung and nervous (and mostly extraordinarily unpleasant to be around) foe as long as I can remember.

      Massive drama over trivial bullshit has always been the order of the day.

      What’s maybe different now is that they’re having to deal with non-trivial issues and they’re just not up to acting like adults….


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