Roe to the Rescue

I hear that SCOTUS has decided to lend a helping hand to the Democrats to save them from a wipeout in November. Forget inflation, forget dispossession, let’s now witness yet another spectacle of a manufactured liberal flip-out over nothing whatsoever and the servile conservative efforts to make the “nothing whatsoever” look like something big, indeed.

America, making itself weak and irrelevant, one inane kerfuffle after another.

29 thoughts on “Roe to the Rescue

  1. This decision is going to confuse the Democrats’ campaign planning, though: Now they’re going to have to decide rather to continue to make the TRUMP! menace the big issue, or to focus on a single, somewhat niche subject. (Yes, it will mobilize the progressive base, but will bring in enough swing voters to win the general election, while the Republicans are running on crime and the economy?)

    I’m pro-abortion rights, but would never vote Democratic because of an isolated hot-button issue like abortion.

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    1. I think that Democrats know that flogging the Trump scare in the midterms is useless.

      The election rests with suburban moms. Moms were ready to move towards Republicans over schools and inflation. Now it’s good-bye moms, good-bye college educated voters. . . And for what? Not a single abortion will be prevented by this. Yet another symbolic victory, that’s all.


    2. “This decision is going to confuse the Democrats’ campaign planning”

      I disagree. It facilitates it… They can ride the “Republicans hate women!” horse to the finish line and ignore lots more important issues that they would lose with.

      This will crater republican support among women and among better educated men.

      Abortion is a zombie issue that can only hurt republicans and most of the party decision makers are too stupid to realize that.

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      1. Exactly. People would gladly sacrifice clear, tangible success for an empty virtue signal. This is such a crucial moment. Finally, there’s real resistance to neoliberalization. But no, let’s throw that away for the sake of feeling morally superior to “groomers” and “baby killers.”


  2. Man, do they need to do this RIGHT NOW? As if there wasn’t enough going on.

    I’m disappointed that this is even being brought up right now, and it seems very clear the justices voting for this lied when they said they wouldn’t mess with Roe v Wade. It’s just opening yet another can of worms that we do not need right now.

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  3. AFAICT, there is no evidence in the leaked document that there actually is a majority that would vote for it. It’s a draft. From a guy whose opinion we already know on the subject. The idea that there are four other justices who’d go for it is Politico’s assumption.

    It’s a strategically handy assumption, of course. But we don’t actually know that.

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    1. God, this might all be for nothing? I already saw photos of congenital idiots with coat hangers, waving them around like maniacs. If we could at least retire the coat hanger trope, that would be progress.

      I also saw a tweet about the damage the repeal would do to “birthing bodies” and now I want to gouge my eyes out.

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      1. IMO it’s still an open question who benefits from that leak. The campaign to panic-monger with it indicates that it wasn’t just “leaked”– the key players on the left-media-complex had advance warning and coordinated a campaign around it. They think it benefits them. I’m not entirely sure.

        Do the Democrats get to bring their educated-suburban-mom contingent back into the fold with this… or does this move bring out all the crazies and just encourage those same moms to continue distancing themselves?

        I mean, CRT has been slipping into the schools for quite a long time now. I’m pretty sure it only became a public issue that brought parents out to the school board meetings because all of CRT’s gender-confused, rainbow-haired, visibly-deranged fans on TikTok were crowing about it at the top of their lungs for the whole internet-connected world to see. Also, the drag queens. If they’d continued to play it on stealth mode as “the reasonable people” I’m sure they could have continued for years with parents none the wiser. Now that they’ve embraced and weaponized their loony contingent (everybody’s got a loony contingent. No sane organization makes them their public face)… all bets are off.

        There are plenty of people who don’t give a hoot what their kids are being taught in school as long as they can get into college when they graduate… but who nonetheless are squicked out, not so much by the actual curricula, but by the people who are publicly pushing that curricula. That curricula, pushed by respectable-looking people, would still be going strong. That same curricula, pushed by doughy sexless purple-haired anger addicts with no job prospects outside activist organizations? Now, normal people have questions about it. Reservations, even.

        I don’t think it’s the most likely possibility, but I think there’s a respectable chance that the same thing happens with abortion issue now. If the reaction from the left is sufficiently insane, and particularly if it’s violent, there are non-zero odds that a sizable contingent of people who support abortion more by default than conviction, will find themselves re-thinking that, and wishing to perhaps distance themselves from the crazies. And the crazies will be out in force.

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        1. That’s a good point. A couple of men in dresses wailing how they will be prevented from aborting and how they are the real victims here, and many people who would normally be interested would walk away. I know that I shut down completely on any topic whenever anybody uses the phrase “birthing bodies.” I’m guessing many women have the same visceral reaction. I simply don’t hear anything that comes after that.

          Democrats can’t resist their looniest fringes, and that’s a huge weakness. In any movement, you need to keep the nutcases in check. You can’t pander to them. But Democrats, by the very nature of their beliefs, can’t do that. The fringe is always worshipped.

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          1. Yep. People leap to join a political cause that makes them feel empowered, respected, and virtuous.

            I think a lot of women have lately been having encounters with the left’s lunatic fringe that fall short of that mark.


          2. You’d think, at the very least, that the people who are ostensibly terrified that the right wants to impose a “Handmaid’s Tale” reality on them, would not use the term “birthing bodies”… but nobody’s been accusing them of self-awareness or logical consistency.

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    2. Justice Roberts: Yes, the document is authentic. No, it doesn’t represent a final court decision.

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      1. If it turns out that the Dems manufactured this scandal and there’s been no decision, what a great opening for Republicans to take them down before the midterms.


  4. Here’s how Democrats will fuck this up: Instead of discussing abortion as a women’s rights issue, they’ll talk about “birthing bodies” and “uterus havers.”

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    1. Yes, “uterus havers’ rights” does sound a bit clunky. If only there were an easy to pronounce, commonly recognized word for “uterus-having front-hole birthing bodies.”

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      1. One of the Democrat primary candidates last time around campaigned on a platform of reproductive justice (aka abortion) for transgender women. Maybe the Democrats will go with that as a campaign issue this time. We can hope, anyway.

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              1. That same photoshoot crossed my chatbox this morning, because in another shot, she’s making an “OK” sign… but of course, the whole game is “We can do and say anything. But when you do it, you’re racist.”

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            1. I had to read that tweet about six times and put in real mental effort to figure out that she was running on the assumption that pro-life parents’ worst nightmare is their daughters having biracial children, or carrying a child of rape to term, it was such a bizarre and offensive non-sequitur.

              Pro-life parents’ worst nightmare is that their daughters will abort their grandchildren. Full stop.

              Clearly, the Jim-Crow-era-boogeyman thing is Ms. Duarte’s worst nightmare. I think she needs to get out and meet more pro-lifers, though. I know exactly what their response to the situation she outlines would be. And it’s not what she thinks.


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