The Confused Pope

God, what a doofus. Out of respect for Catholic readers, I’m not using a stronger word but I’m thinking it.

10 thoughts on “The Confused Pope

    1. I’m still not fully over the Pachamama debacle, and now this. The guy can’t figure out the basic tenets of his own religion. What can we expect on other issues?

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      1. The handful of Catholics I know well enough to get an unguarded opinion from… the Pachamama incident basically galvanized them on the idea that Benedict is still, actually, the pope. And now they just try to ignore Francis and soldier on, hoping history will vindicate them, and this is just another embarrassing two-popes controversy (I mean, it’s happened before, right?).

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            1. There’s the crux, eh? Whoever you are, the “Catholics you know” are the practicing ones. We all likely know quite a lot of people who check the “Catholic” box on survey forms, but whom we would never mistake for religious people.

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