Satan II

One of Russia’s chief propagandists (not Soloviev, another one) dedicated a segment of his massively popular TV show to a discussion of how Russia can easily destroy the UK with a single nuclear strike.

“It’s such a small island,” he enthused, pointing to a map with an image of a charred UK. “And Russia is enormous. They won’t be able to hit all of us at once. And we can nuke all of them dead with one single Sarmat!”

The Sarmat missiles are also known as “Satan II.” They aren’t currently ready for deployment, so the choice of the Satan II missile as basis for a threat is about the symbolism of its satanic connotations.

This is one of many daily occurrences of Russia’s relentless normalization of nuclear war. And all of the dark impulses of the human soul.

In the meantime, the Pope, who might be expected to have an opinion on Satan, still feels confused by the situation.

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