Death on the Fifth of the Month

At the most difficult times in life, it helps me to go into my weather app and read what the weather is like in all the places the app saved from my past visits. It’s a reminder that life goes on somewhere, with its rains, fogs, and sunrises.

My father died today. He never regained consciousness since Monday, so I didn’t get to talk to him after I arrived in Canada. But I held his hand as he drifted away, and I think he knew I was there.

People in my life tend to die on the fifth of the month. My son, my friend, now my father.

He was a wonderful father. We were always very close. This is a terrible loss.

I also have a mega ear infection that turns me quite comically deaf at the most inappropriate moments.

As always in difficult times, I appreciate distracting links, articles, tweets, and home remedies for ear infection. Yes, I will see a doctor tomorrow, although at this point I’m ready not to hear about anything medical for a long time.