Roe to the Rescue

I hear that SCOTUS has decided to lend a helping hand to the Democrats to save them from a wipeout in November. Forget inflation, forget dispossession, let’s now witness yet another spectacle of a manufactured liberal flip-out over nothing whatsoever and the servile conservative efforts to make the “nothing whatsoever” look like something big, indeed.

America, making itself weak and irrelevant, one inane kerfuffle after another.

No to Censorship

Half a million people stream the daily interview that the Ukrainian spokesman Alexey Arestovich gives to the journalist Mark Feygin. And many more watch the recording. The interview has a direct impact on what happens on the frontlines. It hasn’t managed to convince the Russians to stop bringing troops and supplies to the same, now fabled, spot where they’ve already been destroyed 18 times but nobody expects a miracle of that caliber.

It’s never been clearer to me why digital censorship is a catastrophe. There should be absolutely no chance whatsoever for the political preferences of any single person to preclude us from accessing this information. For the first time in my life, I feel bad for people who don’t speak Russian and can’t listen to these interviews because they are very profound. I haven’t found better political and philosophical insights on a global scale anywhere.

[I don’t know if these disclaimers are needed but for just in case they are, I don’t want anybody to censor the pro-Russian view either. When Tucker began going off his nut in his Russia craze, I stopped watching because I heard all he’s saying in the original Russian 20 years ago and I’m bored. But I don’t want him pulled off the air or censored in any way.]