Familiar Language

Hmm, who else speaks like this? Where have we heard this before? I just can’t put my finger on it.

I’ll never get over the simple-minded conservatives who have talked themselves into supporting this. I mean, you like this sort of thing, why go far in search of it? Just swing by your friendly local Antifa meeting, and you’ll get as much of this crap as you need. By the way, guess who initially popularized the word Antifa as a name for groups of young militants who terrorize those they target as ‘fascist’?

Another Terrible #MeToo Story

A shocking story from Bari Weiss’s blog that demonstrates how easily #MeTootery can be used to conduct a financial scam.

It’s becoming clear that the castrating effect of puberty blockers might be a bonus. If the scientist described in the linked article were a eunuch, he’d never have consensual sex and would have continued in his illustrious career.

Anti-neoliberal Debate

Also, I was at an anti-neoliberal debate today. Yes, I have a full schedule. I went into the meeting straight out of the radio interview. One of the ideas I really like is this: if the power is opaque, so should be our opposition to it.

Neoliberalism wins by positioning itself as commonsensical. It’s just how things are, we are led to believe. To stand up to this, we need our own common sense. We must cultivate and strengthen our own way of being.

Being reactive strengthens the opponent. It reaffirms the opponent’s dominance and leadership.

The visible, superficial moves of the opponent are a distraction maneuver. We need to look at what happens under the surface.

Radio Interview

I had another radio interview today. A station out of Florida. I’m getting a good hang of it. We got all of the planned questions in, and everything happened exactly on time. I haven’t heard the recording yet, and I tend to be horrified by the result. But the process was fun. I managed not to cry when we talked about my father, so that’s good.

Another Illustration

The video is in Russian but I want to share it anyway because I find it striking.

Look at this and the previous video in conjunction. An “ethnically Russian” retiree in Ukraine built a nice house for himself. Modern fixtures, everything was beautiful. Then Russians who look like the kids from the previous video came, destroyed everything, and even stole the retiree’s underwear because they are that deprived and pathetic.

There’s enough money in Russia to drown these soldiers in underwear. But it went into supporting the obscene lifestyles of the oligarchs. And the stupid soldiers can’t even muster the energy to get upset about it.

Back in WWII, Soviet soldiers in Europe noticed that the standard of living was enormously better than theirs. They got angry. They lost faith in Soviet propaganda. My grandfather was one of them.

But these poor dumb Russian dupes don’t even have the brains for that simple intellectual operation.

Food Matters

One thing that I keep forgetting to mention and Aseyev’s book reminded me of it is that good-quality food is enormously more expensive in Russia than in Ukraine. I’m not saying that anybody in Russia starves. There’s a lot of food. But it’s mostly cheap, low-quality, imported junk. Real butter, real milk (not the garbage made out of powder with some margarine added to make it look more convincing), real poultry – all of it is eminently available in Russia but it’s so expensive that even very rich Russians are stunned when they come back home from Monaco or the Seychelles.

And in Ukraine it’s a different world. High-quality food is affordable to regular people. It tastes better, it’s healthier. This rift started about 20 years ago and has deepened over the past two decades. You know what else happened 20 years ago? Today’s soldiers were born and their today’s commanders reached puberty. Soldiers never come from the wealthy classes. These are regular boys who have been eating different food in the two countries. The results speak for themselves. One of the things that Ukrainians from the liberated territories keep reporting is that Russian soldiers were unexpectedly short and scrawny. Many seem quite slow intellectually.

Isn’t it maddening that these Russian boys are dying today for the very leadership that couldn’t even be bothered to use the astronomical profits it’s gotten in the past 20 years to get some normal butter into the country? These are people who have been screwed every each way, and they are asking for more.