Another Terrible #MeToo Story

A shocking story from Bari Weiss’s blog that demonstrates how easily #MeTootery can be used to conduct a financial scam.

It’s becoming clear that the castrating effect of puberty blockers might be a bonus. If the scientist described in the linked article were a eunuch, he’d never have consensual sex and would have continued in his illustrious career.

2 thoughts on “Another Terrible #MeToo Story

  1. Shocking and disturbing. FWIW fake #Metootry is now very commonplace and the expectations are extremely disturbing.

    We had a recent incident at a conference in our field where an aspiring #metoo-r accused a senior member (from a different institution) of making a pass at her. The conference chair went and spoke to this member and he backed off completely. The #metoo-r was then surprised that this person was not fired, and accused the conference of mis-handling the issue. Nothing is known of course, but makes me want to believe she had a grudge.


  2. I am sure he would’ve been accepted in Israel too, not only in Saudi Arabia or shudder Russia. It is a lack of awareness that Israel hasn’t already made the offer imo. He should be told to contact us.

    Also, this story made me angry because of the cost in human lives. As this commenter said:

    // There are many biologic pathways implicated in cancer. mTOR (the acronym stands for mammalian target of rapamycin) is at the top of the list in terms of importance. Finding drugs which “fix” this pathway when it is working incorrectly is a key to treating and even curing many cancers. It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that Sabatini is to cancer research what Einstein was to physics.

    All of this means that the despicable behavior of MIT, the Whitehead Institute, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and more recently NYU might, in the long run, actually cost lives. All for nothing. It’s terrible to contemplate the discoveries that will be delayed or not made at all.

    There is a deep rot that’s taken hold at elite institutions especially journalism and higher education. It does not auger well for the future of our country.


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