Another Illustration

The video is in Russian but I want to share it anyway because I find it striking.

Look at this and the previous video in conjunction. An “ethnically Russian” retiree in Ukraine built a nice house for himself. Modern fixtures, everything was beautiful. Then Russians who look like the kids from the previous video came, destroyed everything, and even stole the retiree’s underwear because they are that deprived and pathetic.

There’s enough money in Russia to drown these soldiers in underwear. But it went into supporting the obscene lifestyles of the oligarchs. And the stupid soldiers can’t even muster the energy to get upset about it.

Back in WWII, Soviet soldiers in Europe noticed that the standard of living was enormously better than theirs. They got angry. They lost faith in Soviet propaganda. My grandfather was one of them.

But these poor dumb Russian dupes don’t even have the brains for that simple intellectual operation.


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