My father always knew exactly what stage each of my projects were in. Which article had been returned for major changes, which one was in the second stage of revisions, which one needed the citation style changed, etc. He knew which revisions were requested for each article and what I was going to do to address them. We talked about it every day. Nobody else in the world knows all this with such level of detail because I always juggle a bunch of these projects and it gets boring to people.

One thought on “Closeness

  1. If you want something that explains the 2020 voter fraud in a clear, easy to understand way, I highly recommend the new film 2000 Mules. As someone who’s found all this rather confusing I found it very helpful. I don’t expect you to really care about this stuff at a time like this, but you said you’re eager for distractions, so this could be one if you want.


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