Good Things About Canada

People say I’m too negative about Canada. But there are good things, too!

For instance, my mother and sister keep turning up the heating because it’s kind of cool outside. Back where I live, it’s +32°C, and here in Canada it’s still very habitable weather.

The currency exchange with US$ is very pleasing. Canadian dollar collapsed a lot worse than the US dollar. “We don’t completely suck!” I keep exclaiming.

The only people I have interacted with were at the ICU, the funeral home and the cemetery, and none of them expected me to wear a mask.

I’ve seen some Ukrainian flags around.

Gas prices make me downright nostalgic for our gas prices back home.

Once you drive a little bit up North, the nature becomes quite Northern. Pine-trees, and all that.

Apple turnovers are vastly superior in taste to apple turnovers anywhere else in the world. US apple turnovers should crawl in a hole and wither with shame.

I’m sure I’ll notice a few more positive things soon.


One thought on “Good Things About Canada

  1. I remember the food in Montreal being very good. Quality of food is much better than in the US. More expensive, though. Lots of cheeses you could get there we couldn’t in the US.

    I’m sorry for the loss of your father. I enjoy your stories about him. You were so lucky to have such a great dad! I am relieved you got to be with him one last time. I lost my FIL in January and I felt like I had finally had a good father for the past 10 years. His loss is like no other I’ve experienced. many prayers for you and your family.

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