How to End This?

“But Ukraine should just capitulate and let Russians do this to the entire population of the country,” say braindead peaceniks on both sides of the political spectrum.

Yes, it’s true that the Biden administration is trying to revive the US economy by pouring some fuel on the military-industrial complex. I am not opposed to doing something good for the US economy that simultaneously prevents Ukrainian children from being raped and dismembered in front of their parents.

“But nobody is trying to end the war,” the cognitively impaired weasels moan.

The only way to end a war with a bunch of bloodthirsty, enraged maniacs is by beating them. They don’t go away on their own.


One thought on “How to End This?

  1. Well, the system tried to “criminalize” Kyle Rittenhouse for going after some of our own domestic-bred bloodthirsty enraged maniacs. And that’s right here in the U.S.. So it’s par-for-the-course that some just can’t discern between self-preservation, problem-solving, and predatory behaviors and/or acts of terrorism.
    …although it should be noted Rittenhouse WAS a bit officious in how he went about doing what he did.


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