Quitting Is Hard

This feeling of “nah, uh-huh, nope, this isn’t right” that you experience whenever I say we need to quit abortion debates is exactly what an addict feels when told to quit the drug.

“It isn’t harming me! It helps me cope! I can quit any time!”

And as any addiction, it bleeds you dry, makes you powerless and easy to control. But it feels so good while you are taking it.

3 thoughts on “Quitting Is Hard

  1. I don’t think it matters in this instance if we want to avoid the abortion issue, with Roe being repealed we will have to talk about it some even if we just address it briefly and redirect (which I’m inclined to think we should.)


  2. It makes for a perfect distraction, considering the taboo nature of the subject.
    And it nurtures the self-righteous nature of many a “Pharisee complex” overinflated ego.
    Another way it works—keep people focused obsessively on ONE ad nauseam subject while being oblivious to so many more important issues that continue to be ignored and disregarded.


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