No Red Wave

I want to publicly apologize to a friend who kept telling me McConnell was purposefully sabotaging Republicans in exchange for a Chinese bribe and I laughed. I don’t know about the bribe part but the rest seems spot-on. Sorry, friend, you were right, and I was naive.

Instead of a red wave in November, we’ll be lucky to eke out a tiny win in the House and nothing at all in the Senate.

It’s ok, though. There are still several months for the Republican leadership to get us all to a resounding defeat.

8 thoughts on “No Red Wave

  1. Republicans: Oh my god! If we win big in November that will mean we’ll be in charge and responsible for things! We can’t let that happen! What are ever going to do?

    McConnell: Hold my beer and watch this….

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    1. Now all that’s needed are a few comments on how women can shut out rape pregnancies by force of will and a few more on “legitimate rape.” Just to make sure we don’t win anything in November.

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    1. No, I don’t think so. For one side, it’s about feeling unwanted. For the other side, it’s about feeling violated. These are unaddressed psychological problems that aren’t about the actual abortion policy. As such, they will remain in existence in perpetuity.


  2. Every time I see “red wave” I struggle not to read it as a euphemism for menstruation, and usually fail.

    I also have this problem with “crimson tide” and am currently living in AL. Awkward.


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