Amanda Trenfield

The mystery of Amanda Trenfield is easy to solve. Its name is menopause. I wish somebody had told the poor woman about it before she made a total asshole out of herself. She’ll be meeting these “soulmates” every 15 minutes for the better part of a decade now.

All of the information out there and people still exist in an almost childish state of pristine ignorance.

7 thoughts on “Amanda Trenfield

  1. …В опросе приняли участие более 1,7 тыс. респондентов в возрасте от 18 до 60 лет в городах РФ с населением больше 100 тыс. человек.
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    См. далее:


  2. For every Amanda Trenfield there are probably 1000 men leaving their families for a newer model. Only they call it “mid-life crisis” rather than soulmate. Nobody seems to care. Why is this even a story? Unless it’s a very smart marketing campaign to sell her book. She may look silly now but will laugh at us all the way to the bank.

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    1. Yeah, definitely a midlife crisis. People get incensed when a woman blows up her family, which she is not supposed to do for any reason, no matter how awful, uncaring, philandering, or just plain boring her husband is, and certainly not just so she could re-invent herself. Of course it’s the double standard. Men’s adultery is greeted with nods of understanding and support (“He couldn’t help it, he’s a man”), and calls for the wife to take them back and forgive them once they tire of the new model, or the new model of them. In contrast, women adulteresses are always vilified, generally for being insufficiently selfless (“How dare she not think of what this will do to the children!”); men are somehow never asked to think of the children. In any case, I feel bad for Amanda Trenfield. Unrequited love is always humiliating, and in this case tenfold, because she put it all on the line (as misguided as I personally think it was, I understand the appeal, especially if she was emotionally and/or sexually neglected, as so many women in heterosexual marriages are) and then she got bubkes in return. And good for her for putting it all in a book that is going to make her a ton of money, rather than do what most women would do in this situation, which is curl into a ball and let the humiliation, regret, and shame obliterate their self-esteem.

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    2. Well, if you’ve already made an ass of yourself, might as well make it pay! It’s not like she could un-do it.

      Plus, if it’s just your friends and family telling the story about what an ass you were, it’s all shame and embarrassment, whereas if you can embrace the huge mistake you made, be honest and forthright about it and not try to hide it… there are arguably some spiritual gains to be made there. There’s potential there for serious personal growth, learning humility, and perhaps her honesty will help someone else not to make the same mistake.

      Or she may just decide she’s a victim and completely fail to use that amazing thrust-block. Dunno. But there’s a lot of potential there.


    3. It would help both men and women if somebody finally got over the prudishness and made it widely known that when the reproductive function begins to get extinguished, this process is accompanied by a flare-up of the sexual function. This is completely physiological and has nothing to do with anybody’s soul. People seem utterly unprepared for something that is as predictable as the arrival of puberty.

      Although the arrival of puberty is now in dispute, too, because the existence of biology just can’t be accepted.

      This isn’t directed at you, of course, Maria. I’m grumpy over the idiocy of anti-physological beliefs I’m seeing everywhere.


      1. I see what you’re saying and it certainly does happen, but the physiology of perimenopause is pretty complex so manifestations aren’t universal. For example, perimenopause is accompanied by higher-than-usual levels of testosterone in women, which does lead to increased libido, but for many women the detrimental issues that come with wildly fluctuating estrogen (weight gain, mood swings, acne, hot/cold flashes) are overall much stronger effects. In other words, Amanda Trenfield could just be midlife-horny. Or she could be midlife-mood-unstable. Probably a little bit of both. And she also probably wasn’t really happy in whatever life setup she had before she blew it all up.

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