Military Aid to Ukraine

Folks, please don’t listen to idiots saying idiotic things. The $40 billion in aid to Ukraine doesn’t mean anybody is going to send $40 billion in cash to Ukraine. That would be insane and very unhelpful. The money will go into manufacturing weapons here in the US (jobs, got it?) and then sending them to Ukraine and replenishing the US stocks of weaponry. The US is off-loading a lot of its previous-generation weaponry to Ukraine and making space for next-generation weapons here in this country. Technology, manufacturing, innovation, jobs. US jobs. Got it?

A wartime economy is a booming economy when the war isn’t taking place on your territory. This is what this package aims to do. It’s an effort to rev up the US economy through a sector that has a history of doing just that. It’s a tried and true economic rescue measure. And no, I’m not saying this because it helps Ukraine. I’m saying it because this is very well-known and worked since WWI.

“Instead of doing something about the inflation, they are sending money to Ukraine” is not a smart thing to say. How do you think they are sending it? In bricks of cash that Ukrainians will throw at the enemy? These aid packages are an investment into the US economy, and that Biden is incapable of articulating it – well, the fellow can barely articulate his own name anymore. These aid packages are “them doing something about the economy.”

What makes more sense, that the US legislators really love Ukraine or that they really love the Pentagon and the kickbacks from military contractors? What does the Biden administration care about more, not losing the House in November or Ukraine not losing the war?

If we fail to understand what’s happening and why, the military infusion of cash into US industry will start working and the Dems will sell it to everybody as their nutso Green Deal working. We are opening ourselves up to an easy manipulation for the same reason as always: cheap, gratifying sense of self-righteousness.


7 thoughts on “Military Aid to Ukraine

  1. I would like to think that what you say is true but sadly the United States does not have the manufacturing capability that it had prior to WWI and WWII. There may be some of that $40 billion go toward jobs in the US but would guess that a great majority will go to offshore manufactures.

    Example: The highly touted 155mm howitzer M777 is manufactured by BAE Systems’ Global Combat Systems division. Prime contract management is based in Barrow-in-Furness in the United Kingdom as well as manufacture and assembly of the titanium structures and associated recoil components. Final integration and testing of the weapon is undertaken at BAE’s facility in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.


    1. Poem:


      То ли новостей перебрал,
      То ли вина в обед,
      Только ночью к Сергею пришёл его воевавший дед.
      Сел на икеевскую табуретку, спиной заслоняя двор
      За окном. У меня, говорит, к тебе,
      Сереженька, разговор.

      Не мог бы ты, дорогой мой, любимый внук,
      Никогда, ничего не писать обо мне в фейсбук?
      Ни в каком контексте, ни с буквой зэт, ни без буквы зэт,
      Просто возьми и не делай этого, просит дед.
      Никаких побед моим именем,
      Вообще никаких побед.

      Так же, он продолжает, я был бы рад,
      Если бы ты не носил меня на парад,
      Я прошу тебя очень, (и делает так рукой),
      Мне не нужен полк,
      Ни бессмертный, ни смертный, Сереженька, никакой.
      Отпусти меня на покой, Серёжа,
      Я заслужил покой.

      Да, я знаю, что ты трудяга, умница, либерал,
      Ты все это не выбирал,
      Но ведь я-то тоже не выбирал!
      Мы прожили жизнь,
      Тяжелую и одну.
      Можно мы больше не будем
      Иллюстрировать вам войну?
      Мы уже все, ребята,
      Нас забрала земля.
      Можно вы как-то сами.
      Как-то уже с нуля.
      Не нужна нам ни ваша гордость,
      Ни ваш потаённый стыд.
      Я прошу тебя, сделай так,
      Чтоб я был наконец забыт.

      Но ведь я забуду, как в русском музее
      Мы искали девятый вал,
      Как я проснулся мокрый,
      А ты меня одевал,
      Как читали Пришвина,
      Как искали в атласе полюса,
      Как ты мне объяснял, почему на небе
      Такая белая полоса
      За любым самолетом,
      Как подарил мне
      Увеличительное стекло…
      Ничего, отвечает дед,
      Тебе ведь и это не помогло.


    1. No, I’m in Canada. There’s no Tucker here. Not that I’d watch even if the show were available. But I’m sorry if he has embraced this pouty, loserish mentality.


  2. I don’t know if I agree that spending money on the military will pe se rev up the economy, as you are taking money out of the economy to inject it back in (the money either was already removed from the economy via taxes or adds to the debt), but it is good from a national security perspective.


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