Attractive Brand

As Arestovich says, Ukraine is now the most attractive brand in the world. I have never been treated with more loving kindness by border agents as I was today when the officer saw I’m originally from Ukraine. The line was briefly detained as I updated him on the likelihood of Ukrainian counter-offensive and received reassurances of support.

Obviously, I’d much rather nobody knew Ukraine existed than become massively admired at this cost. But I keep thinking, those poor, stupid Russians. They destroyed their armed forces, shattered their economy, got so many of their young men killed and maimed, covered themselves in infamy, made the word “Russia” internationally toxic – and for what? What was gained? They could still stop at any time. Declare victory, whatever, and just stop. But like any self-destructive idiot, they will compound the mistake into the infinity.

One thought on “Attractive Brand

  1. Russians are an enigma to me. Your blog and this guy has helped me understand them just a little bit better:

    It’s worth a look. I find his videos very profound and totally refreshing.


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