Manipulative Tricks

I’m for abortion rights. Always have and always will be. But this kind of stupid, weaselly, manipulative braying puts me right off. If Roe is repealed, that might eventually lead to some legislation in some places that might make abortion somewhat more inconvenient for some women for a period of time. That’s not a great rallying cry, I know. But normalizing the narrative that “if you don’t give me exactly what I want immediately, you are a murderer” isn’t worth it.

Have we learned nothing during COVID that we keep allowing this to happen? And it’s completely a both-sides thing. Last night, for example, some simpleton came to the blog to tell me that my support for Ukraine will “walk us into WWIII” and guess what? Blood will be on my hands, of course. It’s the same kind of primitive, moronic crap. “You are like literally murdering people when you say something I vaguely dislike.” So boring.

“I don’t want to die!” people wailed all winter whenever anybody suggested that it’s time to head back to work. We let them do it, and now they throw this tantrum over absolutely anything that strikes their fancy.

8 thoughts on “Manipulative Tricks

  1. It’s not just manipulative, it’s the opposite of the truth.

    For decades activists have been using Roe to force state medical boards to tolerate sanitary/safety conditions at abortion clinics that would not pass muster at any hospital, because any time they try to force a clinic to uphold the same standards as every other outpatient surgery facility, the pro-aborts start squealing that “Pro-lifers are trying to deny access and oppress women!!”. These same people don’t blink an eye when a plastic surgery center gets shut down for not sterilizing their equipment properly. But grossly negligent standards are totes ok for abortion clinics, apparently, because women who need an abortion don’t deserve sanitary operating rooms and well-trained staff?

    Results are predictable. Women get unnecessarily hurt. Why isn’t it a scandal? Record-keeping. Most women who end up with a hemorrhage or sepsis from a poorly-performed abortion with poorly-sterilized equipment don’t have that emergency at the clinic. it happens at home later, they go to the ER, and because the US has ridiculously bad medical record-keeping and tracking, that medical incident goes on the hospital’s tally, not the clinic’s. The politics gives abortion clinics in many places carte blanche to operate as slipshod an operation as they please, cut any corners they want… and they only way they get shut down is if they have more than one woman die on the table (like that Kermit Gosnell character). As long as they only die a couple days later in the hospital down the street, no problem.

    Given the political climate, I expect the same laxity of medical standards to be applied to clinics offering gender reassignment surgeries. Buyer beware.

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    1. The same people who keep screaming that democracy is in danger are terrified of the issue going through the standard democratic process of voting and passing legislation. Democracy has come to mean, “me getting exactly what I want every time with zero effort.”

      There should be a temporary ban on the non-literal use of the words “democracy,” “murder,” “killing people,” and “saving lives.”

      Also, I’d happily retire “don’t you care?” for a while. Let’s briefly stop emoting and try thinking.

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  2. I first saw this nonsense in the context of “you’re KILLING trans kids (if you oppose trans activists in any way.)” Nauseating in that context, nauseating in every other context I’ve seen it in.


  3. Being in favor of a right to kill one’s offspring explains some things I couldn’t square. It’s the old story of the wossname, the debtor who wouldn’t forgive the smaller debt owed him, whilst begging to have his forgiven.

    A shame. The Academy really has become the home of barbarism.


    1. There is no offspring until you carry to term and give birth to a live child. There is no offspring at 9, 19, or in some tragic cases even 39 weeks of pregnancy. My first pregnancy ended in a stillbirth at 39 weeks and 2 days, so I got no offspring as a result of it. The very word “offspring” signifies that somebody springs off, separates from your body in an alive form. Until that happens, there is no offspring.

      I’m sure this rhetoric about killing offspring is very pleasurable but it’s rooted in a denial of biological reality. This is the same kind of denial that makes some people insist that men can be women and give birth. These fantasies we keep hearing about men having womb transplants and giving birth are a direct result of the endless repetitions of the narrative you propose. If a woman doesn’t do anything special by carrying to term and giving birth, if that whole process is completely insignificant because all that matters is a successful insemination, then why not fantasize about any mentally unstable dick giving birth?


      1. “The very word “offspring” signifies that somebody springs off, separates from your body in an alive form. Until that happens, there is no offspring.

        So use the term progeny instead.

        That’s a handy piece of Jesuitical reasoning you’ve managed. As I wrote before, it explains a great deal . Said progeny is a unique organism, with it’s own genetic code. Is it an acorn? A puppy? Or is it an immature stage of the species H. Sap.? If unmolested, will it become some other species? No? What does one call the mammalian large gamete producer, the maternal parent, yes? And what if any duties do human mammals owe to the new life they create? Surely the bare minimum is “not kill him out of hand”? At least give him a fair trial. Or her

        Coming up with better and more plausible reasons to claim that this member of the species H. sap is not really human, and so can be killed, tortured, experimented on, and used as one wills… That’s some grade-A corruption.

        What do you call a political project in which the threat of no longer being able to kill one’s children is utterly damning to its success? One can understand going along with such to to survive. Under a communist regime, or a foreign conquerer, the truly virtuous die first. So everyone left gets grey. Everyone sometimes pretends to support that which they ought not. But coming up with pretty rationalizations to justify putting up offerings to Moloch, and writing script for one’s conquerors is inexcusable.

        Should gengineering allow two small gamete-producers to create a new member of the species, I’d call it human, and defend it from garbage academic philosophers who claim that a “test tube” creation is a some-thing, not a some-one.


        1. It’s interesting that for somebody who claims to care about babies, you had not a word of compassion to offer when I shared that I lost my son at 39 weeks of pregnancy. I’m starting to think that it’s not babies that motivate you but an opportunity to feel superior. Even when that happens at a cost of treating a person who lost her baby with a modicum of humanity.


          1. Every morning I wake up and pray for my family, and neighbors (online and IRL). Absentminded, I forget people, but there are two I never forget: Those who mourn, and those who are mothers with babies. Including a mother like yourself who lost hers. Would knowing this have changed anything for you about this conversation?

            I showed compassion by not bringing your child up, and I still will. Under the circumstances, since you support the legal murder of immature humans, just not your own, or those you have marked for life instead of death; it is the best anyone can honestly do.

            It explains much that when someone wants to reserve the right to wield this power, if only in one’s heart. Bad enough to have a legal system dealing out arbitrary death, without mothers getting into the game with their offspring.

            You are correct that I should have compassion for you, and pray for you, which I do, when I remember (I did today). I hope you have a change of heart. I have believed things and supported political positions which were false and did evil in the world, and am heartily sorry for them.

            I think this is buried far enough in the past not to start another abortion fight. Please delete as you please or not, whichever will do the most good for you.


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